Why Do You Want In On the Suffering?

I do not GET nonsense like this.

Leaving aside the original writer’s laughable contention that Christian kids are just too centered on Jesus Christ to kill themselves (as if God is some kind of suicide prevention hotline), why on earth would you puff out your chest and be all, “We get bullied, too!” Does it look like fun to you? Do you want in on being one of the most hated demographics in the land? Want to hear your “lifestyle” denounced from the pulpit? Want to be fired from your job, evicted from your home, kicked out of the military, beaten up and maybe murdered just for walking around as yourself? Are you saying wow, get me some of that?

I get that these people are just pissed they can’t persecute others without at least one or two people calling them dicks. I get that they want recognition for suffering because they think that’s the only way to earn any attention in the world. I get that they can’t stand not being the center of the universe.

I get all that, but I take this stuff on its face because that’s how it becomes ridiculous: You’re demanding entry to the Suffering Olympics when you should be on your knees thanking your Godyou don’t have to play. These people, who hit the genetic jackpot, would rather concentrate on how miserable they still are than use their privilege and power to make sure no one else is miserable either. It makes no sense to me.


5 thoughts on “Why Do You Want In On the Suffering?

  1. Also, please note that gay and Christian–even dumbfuck evangelical Christian–are not disjoint categories. YOU CAN BE BOTH. In fact, of the recent group of gay kids who killed themselves, I’d be willing to bet that the majority were Christian.
    Way to slander the dead, too–presuming that they centered their lives on their “sexual identity” rather than on Jeebus. First of all, asshole, your attractions are a big part of who you are, and it’s fucking stupid to say that only gay people make sex the center of their lives. Second, as noted, what about the gay Christians? Do they get a pass if they just loathe their desires but not act on them? Is that sufficiently Jesus-centered?
    Just fuck this guy. Mike Fucking Adams is a dipshit who isn’t worth the energy it would take to push him off of a bridge.

  2. A comedian – Paula Poundstone or someone like that – said years ago “I wish I had a debilitating disease. Then people would think the ordinary stuff I do every day was heroic.”

  3. If you are a fundie Christian protesting the gays, any negative thoughts directed your way are proof that you are right (Jesus warned that they persecuted him and the prophets before him) and that your reward would be great in heaven.
    With that mindset, I really wonder the best response to the anti-military funeral folk, etc.
    Now for the idea that Christians don’t commit suicide, please cover your ears. WWWWWHHHHHHHAAAAAATTTTTT???? !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh, hell, Christianity was sold on victimhood from day one.
    Persecution is part of wingnut Christian DNA. Even when it was the Christians doing the persecuting, they were still bleating that other religions posed an existential threat to them (hence, the Inquisitions in earlier times, and the anti-Mooslim idiocy today).
    It’s also the reason why the right wing in this country has adopted the same personality quirk, ever since the religious right climbed into bed with the Repugs.

  5. The interesting thing about Adams’ horseshit column is that none of it’s true. He couldn’t find a single case where rampant homosexuals actually bullied xians, so he made some up out of whole cloth. What a worthless lying sack of shit. Of course, the morons who read clownhall won’t care: they long ago gave up any pretense of rational thought.

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