Marry Me, Driftglass

Do it right now:

For the most part, the American ruling class no longer has even the slightest sense of national pride or patriotic attachment to the United States: the average plutocrat is now so far removed from the trials and tribulations of the rest of us that they see us no differently than they see the inhabitants of Rio’s slums or Haitian cholera wards — faraway, unsanitary, shithouse-dwelling failures. Public bus/Public school/Free clinic losers useful as interchangeable meat-cog labor, but otherwise wholly disposable.

Every now and then as they raze the American Dream further into oblivion, the ruling class hits a vein of unusually persistent liberty-nostalgia or a particularly intransigent outcropping of constitutionalism that requires them to kick the wingnut killdozer into a higher gear and the grinding sounds of their momentarily-overt, teeth-bared racism or outright contempt for democracy temporarily freaks out the Moderates and Conservative expatriates.

These freak-outs never last: they splutter along for a day or two and then are aggressively paved over with thick, David Brooks-flavored Centrist sludge. Alleged Liberal elitism is widely and angrily mocked, nonexistent “traditional” Conservative virtues are sermonized, and Moderates and Conservative expatriates all dutifully slide back into their “both sides do it” comas.


8 thoughts on “Marry Me, Driftglass

  1. It would be nice to write something worthy of an Athenae marriage proposal.
    At least I have something to look forward to!

  2. I wonder how many here watched the movie, “Inside Job”, and of those who did, how many left the theater in a mellow mood. It took me a couple of days to get over my rage, not that I’m really over it. At least I’m not kicking puppies and stomping kittens any more.
    We have become a nation of wimps, cowards, and ignoramuses. How else to explain the lack of violence against the ultra wealthy 2%?

  3. Wait till gay marriage is legal, because then I can marry the whole Internet. I know it because of my logics.
    Hoppy, the puppies and kittens may be the only blameless things left in the world. Don’t stomp them.
    I’m afraid to see Fair Game lest it affect me the same way.

  4. “Fair Game” was really good – but seeing Chimpy and Darth and Pigass, I mean, Turdblossom even in video on movie format gave my middle finger a workout.
    I’d go see it again.

  5. My 5 year old asked me what I would wish for if I had one wish. It would be for people to feel more connected to each other…I think the lack of that is the central root of all solvable human problems.

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