The Retail Blues

Blogging from lil’ ole me will be light this week. My shop computer is at death’s door and crashes purt near every time I use the interweb so I cannot blog from work. I can, however, post a pretty picture of Oscar admiring my gallery’s Facebook page:


So, it’s an extra edition of catblogging as well as a shameless plug for my business, Arius Gallery New Orleans. Our web page is out of date but the Facebook page is chock-full-o-info. Why? It’s free and even a knucklehead like me do it without assistance.

6 thoughts on “The Retail Blues

  1. liprap says:

    Oscar makes a purrfect spokescat.

  2. Elspeth Ravenwind says:

    Yes, he does! 🙂 He believes in purred of mouth advertising. 😉

  3. Athenae says:

    Bonus non-Friday KITTEEEEE!

  4. pansypoo says:

    so, i have the bush economy for 2 more years?

  5. idiosynchronic says:

    I see you use Firefox – did you try Camino, Safari or Google Chrome?
    If I had a spare MacBook to sell or loan you I would.

  6. Adrastos says:

    Shop computer is a 7 year old Dell PC. It’s having terminal system failure but it will be history tomorrow.

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