Elizabeth Edwards

She’s dying, and this, this is what CBS “News” has to say:

Betsy Gleick, executive editor of People magazine, which first reported Elizabeth Edwards’ current condition on its website, said, “She is at home, she is surrounded by loved ones. Her children are all there. She has good friends there. Her sister is there. And they are sort of hanging out and talking and looking at photos, and that’s what we know. She’s obviously very sick. She had stomach pains over Thanksgiving, and they found that the cancer had spread to her liver.”

Well, thank God we’ve interviewed People magazine’s critical news team.

Among those around Edwards is John Edwards.

“He’s there,” Gleick said. “He’s in and out. He lives nearby. He is the father of their three children, who are there. He will be taking care of these children, and he’s very much a presence.”

Yes. Because what you want is to know where JOHN Edwards is, because this is about him. And did you hear he porked this trashy chick? We’re gonna rehash the details, in case you’ve forgotten what he did with his wang.

Let’s not even get into the fact that the story’s categorized as “parenting,” because where else are you going to put a story about a woman, right?

Next up, we have the importance of friends when you’re sick:

Ashton said having friends and family around during this time is beneficial.

God. If I had missed the Early Show, I wouldn’t have learned anything today.

This AP storyis much better, via Balloon Juice.

Edwards has focused on reforming the country’s system of providing health care toward a single-payer process designed to serve all.

She has often wondered aloud about the plight of those who faced the same of kind of physical struggle, but without her personal wealth. Captivated by stories of those who could not afford health care coverage, Edwards has passionately retold them at roundtable discussions, in writings on the Web and on Capitol Hill.

“What I’m really glad about is that I still have a seat at the table to talk about health care — that I have the strength to do it and that I also have a seat at the table,” Edwards said at event in October 2008.

May she and her family and friends find peace and comfort wherever they can right now.


8 thoughts on “Elizabeth Edwards

  1. Like the way the first sentence notes the People reporter’s scoop before even mentioning EE.

  2. Virgo, I think they had to give some kind of reason as to why they’re talking to People, but it still sounds … awkward. The whole story reeks of “we couldn’t get anybody good on the phone so let’s just shove this in the hole,” which happens, but GAH, basically.

  3. I feel very sad for Elizabeth. What a jerk of
    a husband expecially at this time. Elizabeth everybody
    has their day. To lie after lie, so sorry. I hope
    you are saved christian.

  4. Rest in the arms of the Goddess, Elizabeth – may your family and friends know peace.

  5. Elizabeth has passed, God love her. I am so sad at this news, and yet so inspired by her courage. How tragic that she was forced to live in the shadow of her husband. She would have made a great Senator herself.

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