Far Be It From Me to Praise Don Imus …

But he does kind of make a good point here:

THUNE: The difference I think with the tax bill is there is a deadline, Jan. 1, we have to get this done, taxes go up on Jan. 1, that’s a matter of law.We need to get the issue addressed for the firefighters and the 9/11 victims and we will. But again there’s a right way and a wrong way to do this, and there’s a way in which you can pay for these things, and try and get this thing to where it doesn’t cost quite as much, where it doesn’t provide as much exposure, as much liability – there are some things in this bill that we think can be improved upon.We need an opportunity to do that.They want to rush through all these things at the end of the year, without debate, without amdendments, with the opportunity to go through a normal process. And I think we can do that, we can do many of these last-minute initiatives they’re trying to push through, we can do them next year.

IMUS: I know there’s a deadline on the tax situation, but there’s also a deadline on the health of these firemen and these police officers.

Procedure is great. Proper civility and pinky fingers extended and the right fork and I can’t tell you how many moronic meatspace conversations I have in my life that go like this, where the thing itself is ignored in favor of how my voice went up a decibel higher than some whiny ponce thought was proper, but PEOPLE ARE DYING. I’m sorry if that interferes with Senate calendars or whatever the fuck Thune is on about here, but could we cut to the goddamn point already?

Blah blah blah there’s a way to do stuff. Yes. There’s been a way to do stuff for ten fucking years with these people. It started with not lying to them about the air quality at Ground Zero, and it continued with not making them beg Congress for what we really really ought to be presenting them on a silver platter in between foot rubs from Penelope Cruz and Clive Owen, and it’s now to the point where just shut the fuck up, okay? Seriously, it’s embarrassing.

There was a way to do stuff when we decided to shove cash out of airplaines at two countries we now a decade/seven years later demonstrably don’t give a fuck about, and there was a way to do stuff when we decreed that the budget surplus should go back to everybody but most especially to really rich people, and there was a way to do stuff when we decided to give Thune, who really is a repulsive bologna pony, an office and a staff. If we can’t afford one thing it stands to reason we can’t afford something else, and so while we’re picking and choosing I demand that Thune generate his own electricity because paying for it is just silly when we’re in a budget crisis.

And by the way, what this is really all about? “Exposure and liability.” So sorry you might actually have to pay somebody whose life got ruined in service of this country as selfless as any we’ve ever seen in our history the approximate amount you would gladly blow on hookers, if only you could find one in DC desperate enough to touch you with more than the tip of her umbrella.



5 thoughts on “Far Be It From Me to Praise Don Imus …

  1. it’s about not putting a 1 in Obama’s column for the session. Anything they don’t block is a loss for them, gain for him.

  2. Jesus H., you lib-ruls, you, haven’t you figured out the Republican/corporate mantra YET??!!??
    “Profits before people.”
    That’s all there is, and that’s all you need to know…

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