Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Observer comments – Glenn Beck on drugs edition!

Pardon me for getting out of my box here, but this is too good not to share.

Sarah Palin has the press and the media unhinged over her probable primary run

Yesterday, the Oregonian featured an editorial and excellent hit piece called, ” A prediction for 2012:Sarah Palin will toss her hat into the ring.” The article written by featured columnist, Todd Huffman, a Eugene, Oregon pediatrician was entertaining to say the least.

Sadly for Dr. Huffman, virtually everything he wrote about Governor Palin cannot be factually proven.

Sadly for you, virtually everything you write can never be not said to have literacy

Huffman is quite the dilettante writing on a plethora of topics.

Fortunately, he doesn’t use words like “dilettante” in public places, for that would be too pretentious by half, n’est ce pas?

When he veers to his obsession,

…or to avoid me driving the wrong way on the freeway…

the need to assassinate the character, background and education of Sara Palin perhaps his time would be better spent in his office taking care of sore throats and ear aches.

Perhaps your time would be better spent reading “The Elements Of Style”, and less time spent trying to rip off Victor Davis Hansonopolis

It’s probably an excellent idea toclick on this link to understand his take on the Governor.

He is not atypical of today’s journalists whom operate with the following code:

If you use one more double negative, I’m not going to atypically feed you to your own dog.

Anyway, after ten more paragraphs of trying too hard to impress, we get to the comments.

They’re mostly every teabagger trope in existance, but then there’s this:

Frumpy Stilson 12 hours ago

Jack, how do you feel about Glenn Beck? I think he is really the most God fearing of all men today. He is terrified of him and I truly think he can talk some sense in to the rest of the country. What do you think?Or is the LDS trip that we are on as a nation too far gone. Can we take a spiritual shot of methadone and cure ourselves to regain control of the constitution?

My reply:

  • Tommy T 12 hours ago

    “the LDS trip”

    Unintentional irony award for this one.

Then I looked at Frumpy’s next post:

Frumpy Stilson 10 hours ago

My point exactly! In her own words, Sarah refuses to ” swim downstream with the dead fish” And do you know what really drives Satan’s Liberal Marxists out of their minds, the fact that nobody dribbles down court and keeps their eye on the basket like Sarah.

Oops – have I been hornswoggled?

Frumpy Stilson 9 hours ago

I saw her new program on TV and I said to myself. Is there anything this girl can’t do? No seriously. She is one of the few people that I would let in to my bunker. When the food insurance rations started to run low, she would lead the first hunting party out in to the forbidden zone. When it was time to plant the survival seeds in the spring, you know she would pitch in. I just think she’s great.

A kiindred spirit! And much better at spoofing teabagger “style”.

I am abashed. – nay, mortified. My only excuse is that Frumpy’s parody was too close to the original wingnut source material.

As I’ve observed before, it’s sometimes impossible to parody these nutcases. I suppose that the grandiloquent and bombastically verbose wordplay of the article’s author didn’t cause me to not be stunned into submission.

5 thoughts on “Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Observer comments – Glenn Beck on drugs edition!

  1. What’s this?!??!? Frakkin’ conservatards attempting to use (dare I say it) “fancy” words!??!? Isn’t that the realm of liberal (add ‘-elitism’ since they constantly castigate us for being ‘learned’)? Knowing the “big” words and using them properly? This mook is making an assault on us w/his word-a-day toilet paper (must have won it at his company white elephant gift swap)… Funny how it must be trying to appeal to us because anyone knows that Sister Word Salad Sarah won’t have a frakkin’ CLUE as to what those words mean – whether used in context or not…
    He used ‘plethora’ too – WTH?

  2. Oh, for pity’s sake.
    Why give them hits? It only encourages their … illusions of grandiosity.

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