Trying to Not Judge

But yeah, basically:

Making a Buffy movie without Joss Whedon and calling it a “reboot” is up there in Worst Ideas In History along with “What does this button do?” and “YOU GUYS THE GREEKS GAVE US A PRESENT 😀 😀 :D”.

In other geeky news, I’ve started watching Dollhouse on Netflix and boy is it awesome.


9 thoughts on “Trying to Not Judge

  1. Whatever you do, even if it means buying the Dollhouse Season 1 box set, make sure you watch Whedon’s first ep – as opposed the Fox’s first ep. They’re not even remotely similar and Whedon’s is by far superior.
    Had Fox not screwed up the first 5 or so eps the show might have had more of a chance.

  2. I didn’t realize you hadn’t seen Dollhouse. That series fucked with my mind. I HATED the first four or five episodes, it pushed all the wrong buttons and none of the right ones but then, it started being amazing, then it broke my heart.
    And oh, man, Olivia Williams. Really, the whole cast was win, but she blew me away.
    And Enver Gjokaj- a revelation.
    What spork said, and also make sure you watch Epitaph One. If Netflix doesn’t have it, find it.

  3. also, to her credit, this Whit Anderson person onboard the reboot DOES seem to have the right spirit about the whole enterprise.
    I remain doubtful though.

  4. Dollhouse, god, Boyd is pushing all my Giles/Buffy May/December mentor/apprentice relationship buttons. I’m only a few eps in, though.
    I guess maybe this is how hardcore Star Trek fans feel about the 2009 movie, which I LOVED, or the 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie which I also loved, so I’m willing to keep an open mind. It just … it’s sort of like how in music everybody declares someone the new Bob Dylan every couple of weeks when BOB DYLAN IS STILL ALIVE. Why do we need this?

  5. oh I’d forgotten about Boyd’s chin.
    I’m such a sucker for recessive gene traits.

  6. I know a lot of people just can’t get into comics, but Buffy Season 8–executive produced/written by Joss, and featuring some of the best writers from the series, is fucking great. And Joss is smart enough to use the medium for FX he couldn’t have possibly pulled off in a television format. Go buy the trade paperbacks from somebody other than Amazon, but even from them if need be. The season “finale” (issue #39) is set for the first week in January, I think, so curl up over the holiday, have a good read, and a cliffhanger to look forward to.
    Do NOT, under any circumstances, buy the Season 8 “Motion Comic” DVD–crap idea, lousy voices.

  7. 2009 Sherlock Holmes movie which I also loved
    Check out“Sherlock” from earlier this year – it’s faithful to the source material but set in the current day. Netflix has it.
    And what virgo sez – Epitaph One.

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