Drama Drama Drama

God, Pam Gellar, it’s all about you:

“When you showed up at my AFDI/SIOA rally by the tens of thousands, you changed the paradigm. You changed the course of human events. Nothing will be the same. And we will not stop. They will not build that triumphal mosque on top of our dead,” Geller cheers. “It is all about YOU and the victims and the American patriots. We made that story happen. The subdued media would sooner cut its own throat than speak with candor or criticism about Islam, or report on jihad.”



5 thoughts on “Drama Drama Drama

  1. According to the right, ‘Sharia law’ is poised to take over the USA in their pants-pissing nightmares. Yet the only Americans you hear speaking approvingly of any aspect of ‘Sharia Law’ are right-wing Xtian authoritarians who gaze longingly at the draconian social oppression in Muslim countries.

  2. Ever feel we might be in the End Times? It’s the only thing I can think of to explain the rising tide of inanity and idiocy that American politics is becoming.

  3. Uh, has the good lady considered that not everyone following the story were following the story because they are against the Park 51 complex?
    If she doesn’t have the facts, I’ll just proclaim from the top of my head that 95% of those following the story were doing so because they believe in the freedom of a group to acquire real estate – and applaud an effort to take what has become somewhat seedy and make it a nice area.

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