Shallow Starbucks-Swilling Youth for Obama

Stupid kids:

A year ago, when Barack Obama was inaugurated, the Serious, Responsible people who appear on Sunday-morning talk shows agreed that, if it wanted to survive, the Republican Party needed to stop letting men like Barbour appear as its public face. The election of 2008 was not just about parties trading off power. It marked the end of an epoch. No longer could Republicans count on the basic conservatism of the American people, the reflexive hostility to candidates who favor big government. The electorate had changed: white Reaganites and religious conservatives no longer held sway. Now the power lay in the growing Hispanic population and all those teeming masses of idealistic people, yearning for something cool.

Right. They wanted “something cool.” They certainly didn’t want, say, universal health care, or immigration reform, or an end to the war in Iraq, or economic stimulus, or a vice president who wasn’t completely insane. They just wanted to be hip, and ironic moustaches weren’t doing it for them anymore, so thank God Barack Obama came along.

I also like the bit about how it’s not that Republicans can’t allow backwards-ass Confederate-humping dicks like Barbour to set policy, they just can’t put him in front of the cameras. He can’t be their public face. Keep him in the basement where he belongs.


5 thoughts on “Shallow Starbucks-Swilling Youth for Obama

  1. If it’s any consolation, the “SQUEEZLE” episode of Anthony Bourdain is playing right now.

  2. Oh my god. OH MY FUCKING GOD. Can we stop the “Haley Barbour for president” nonsense RIGHT NOW please? This is making me nuts. Who is insane enough to even think this is a good idea, aside from Haley Barbour and Haley Barbour’s Mama and some fucking Villagers who have been sniffing the D.C. glue so long they can’t tell their ass from a cupcake?
    Haley Barbour will not be president. Of anything. Ever. Aside from all of the horrendous Boss Hogg associations, and the fact that he’s an asshole, he’s governor of the state dead last in everything you want to be FIRST in, and FIRST in everything you want to be dead last in. No one wants what Mississippi is selling. Trust me on this, Newsweek. Y’all are fucking off your rockers.
    Jesus Christ the narrative in this country is killing me.

  3. “Keep him in the basement.”
    God, I just flashed on Pulp Fiction and terminally creeped myself out. Heaven help the poor schumck when the right wing geek gets to play.

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