No Surrender

Boss, Kerry, Theresa

One of the things my distinguished colleague from the great state of Illinois and I have in common is a fondness for John Kerry. He’s not my boyfriend and he wasn’t always a great candidate but he’s a good guy. He’s gone back to the Senate, rolled up his sleeves and gone to work instead of petulantly pouting like Senator Walnuts.

Bruce Springsteen’sNo Surrenderwas Kerry’s theme song in 2004. Best campaign song sinceHappy Days Are Here Again.Too bad the campaign didn’t have a happy ending, no lewd jokes please. Hush Jude.

Here’s a live peformance by the Boss and the E Street Band during the 2004 general election campaign. It not only rocks, it rules:

5 thoughts on “No Surrender

  1. And unlike every Republican song ever, he actually had permission to use it and Bruce appeared with him at campaign rallies, at which point the stage MELTED FROM SO MUCH AWESOME.
    I needed this this morning.

  2. Came within half a million votes, give or take, of beating a sitting, wartime president.
    Suck on that, Wendell Wilkie and Tom Dewey…
    History will be far kinder to Kerry that we were.

  3. “Don’t stop thinkin’ bout tomorrow” was the greatest campaign song ever. “No Surrender” is the best song ever to be a campaign song – there is a difference.

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