Thursday Night Music: She’s So Cold

I know I’m risking ridicule and mockery from Jude but it’s colder than fucking shit here in NOLA. No, it’s not Chicago or Madison cold but our houses weren’t designed for freezing weather. You should know that, homes, you grew up not far from here. Anyhoo, if I liked cold weather, I’d live in Minneapolis so Al Franken could be my Senator and I could see the Jayhawks all the time but I don’t so I’m stuck with Diaper Dave.

I figured I’d try warming things up a bit with this cheesy Stones video. It ends abruptly but so does life:

3 thoughts on “Thursday Night Music: She’s So Cold

  1. I’ve been dealing with the same in Red Stick…but then I also have to deal with being IN Red Stick. Sigh.
    Last year I had water pipes freeze, though fortunately they didn’t burst. This year I’m not taking any chances: my heat bill is going to be awful, but the thermostat stayed at 66, plus I ran space heaters under the sink and in the laundry closet.
    Beats having to pay almost as much to Entergy…AND having to call a plumber.
    I no longer know how I managed to survive in Wisconsin for as long as I did…well, to be fair, the summers were wonderful…both weeks of them.

  2. I promise not to make any smug Wisconsin comments. This has been a bizarre winter and the whole damn country’s taking turns dealing with awful weather.
    Thank goodness climate change doesn’t exist or we’d really be in trouble.

  3. Flannel sheets and down comforters are a god send in cold weather. Our thermostat goes to 72 in the daytime and we turn it down at night. Feel for you guys…At least our houses are insulated in WI…

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