Friday Night Music: Angelyne

Tonight on Adrastos’ obsession with the Jayhawks:

Angelyne is a wintery mix of a song replete with icy imagery. I guess it’s what happens when one lives in Minneapolis like Gary (Einstein Hair) Louris does. It’s still cold here but not bone rattlingly so like last night; not sure if rattlingly is a real word but if it’s not it oughta be.

Anyway, “here comes the weather, it’s looking like another storm.”

3 thoughts on “Friday Night Music: Angelyne

  1. Same title, different song – and maybe my favorite song by – the late great John Martyn

    And of course, Gary US Bonds (and the E Street Band) doing a Springsteen song called “Angelyne” (with the late great Danny Federici on accorion)

    …must be the name…

  2. “I didn’t know Springsteen had his own tune named Angelyne…”
    He used “Angelyne” as the title for early versions of the song “The River”, as he worked out the lyrics; there are bootlegs available of that. Then he reused the name for the US Bonds song.

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