Friday Night Music: Angelyne

Tonight on Adrastos’ obsession with the Jayhawks:

Angelyne is a wintery mix of a song replete with icy imagery. I guess it’s what happens when one lives in Minneapolis like Gary (Einstein Hair) Louris does. It’s still cold here but not bone rattlingly so like last night; not sure if rattlingly is a real word but if it’s not it oughta be.

Anyway, “here comes the weather, it’s looking like another storm.”

3 thoughts on “Friday Night Music: Angelyne

  1. Robert Earle says:

    Same title, different song – and maybe my favorite song by – the late great John Martyn

    And of course, Gary US Bonds (and the E Street Band) doing a Springsteen song called “Angelyne” (with the late great Danny Federici on accorion)

    …must be the name…

  2. Adrastos says:

    Thanks for sharing, Robert. I didn’t know Springsteen had his own tune named Angelyne or John Martyn for that matter.

  3. Robert Earle says:

    “I didn’t know Springsteen had his own tune named Angelyne…”
    He used “Angelyne” as the title for early versions of the song “The River”, as he worked out the lyrics; there are bootlegs available of that. Then he reused the name for the US Bonds song.

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