Weekend Question Thread

What are you wearing?

No really.

Me: Sweater and jeans and apron covered in flour from baking bread. And no socks, though it’s cold as fuck in here. I don’t like socks. I may secretly be a hobbit.


10 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. A turtleneck, jeans, and SOCKS. It’s cold down heah in south Louisiana. Cold for us, anyway.

  2. Marc says:

    Well, since you asked: SCONNIE T-shirt, Jockey V-neck white T-shirt under that, plaid shorts, black Gold Toe socks, extremely goofy and hilarious but warm red L.L. Bean down slipper/booties things.

  3. hoppy says:

    Hold on a sec. I’m about to take a shower.

  4. Dr A says:

    Favorite longleeved t shirt (bought in the Castro on my first trip to SF with hubby), jeans, socks (I ALWAYS wear socks to keep tootsies warm!) and fuzzy slippers! It’s warming up a little but the floors are still cold here in NOLA!

  5. Right now? My tacky tourist shirt from Bourbon Street and flannel jammie pants and socks – the wooden floors of my friend’s house are ccccold! 🙂

  6. liprap says:

    Right now? It’s a scohsh warmer here, so I’m not wearing my Saints hat indoors today, but I am wearing a hooded sweatshirt from my alma mater, some black yoga pants, black socks, and my comfy Merrell slip-on shoes. The shoes are a damned good investment and each pair I’ve had has lasted me for years, and the only thing I need to do to ’em is to change out the insoles.
    Oh, and my glasses. My nearsightedness is the worst case of it seen in my family. 8-P

  7. pansypoo says:

    socks if it’s dark. long underwear, long underwear, turtleneck, wool sweater. more if colder.

  8. RAM says:

    Same thing I’ve been wearing since high school: Jeans and an LL Bean flannel shirt, which was pretty much my uniform during my 30 year stint as a weekly newspaper editor and columnist. Had to give up my Rockport penny loafers a few years ago, but found a Sketcher model that sort of looks like ’em.

  9. Escariot says:

    at work (hotel desk gig…ahd to geta job to support my career. really.)
    Grey long sleeve Izod pullover (with a collar), dark green corduoroys and sensible brown lace ups with matching belt.
    Socks are olive greenish. Martha Steart would call the color something like White Mountain Lichen. Love that about her.

  10. Escariot says:

    sheesh…spellcheck anyone?

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