No Attack is Too Silly

Really? I mean, really?


6 thoughts on “No Attack is Too Silly

  1. Maitri says:

    Is there maybe, oh, possibly, just saying, a chance that more people lack transportation now because of the shitty economy and that many built-up areas increasingly don’t have comprehensive sidewalks? Just a thought.

  2. scout says:

    Be afraid, be very afraid…To Walk.
    Jeebus what next …open our eyes in the morning

  3. dr2chase says:

    I love it that “walking is unsafe” — because, you know, wolves, and bears, lightning strikes, and walking off cliffs and stuff. Not cars.
    And that the complaints about peds interfering with their hearing by using iPods and talking on cell phones — as if anyone driving a car were not effectively stone deaf, between their rolled up windows, noisy car, and stereo.

  4. MapleStreet says:

    You’ve outdone yourself by finding this one!
    What about all the kids she got to plant gardens who are getting tetnus from digging in tbe soil? You don’t get Tetanus when you get your food the natural way – from McD’s.
    Seriously though, what about (as hinted above) the fact that we have built neighborhoods without the infrastructure for walking? What about the lack of consideration many drivers show for pedestrians? Perhaps the National Highway Safety Admn would be willing to cross streets at sidewalks, with the light, but with their vision occluded so they can’t dodge oncoming cars?
    Here in my small rural town, they recently announced that they were taking a 4 lane road (with little traffic) and converting it to a 2 lane with bike lanes on the side and a turning lane in the middle. Almost instantly the TV opinion blog /discussion list was a-buzz with folks talking about how they are coddling cyclists and that cyclists were a bunch of law-breakers because they rode with traffic.

  5. MichaelF says:

    Next they’ll blame Michelle Obama for mall fountains that get in the way of people glued to their iPhone…

  6. idiosynchronic says:

    I’m pretty sure Drudge just stole this headline.

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