First Draft Fundraising: Final Day!

All right, we’re down to it. If you’ve appreciated a crack van or two over the past year, hit the tip jar. If you’ve laughed at a story, reacted with anger or sorrow or joy, if you’ve come away from this place having learned something (even if it’s just how awesome Jude is)hit the tip jar.If you want to see a ferret wearing a wee turtleneck sweater tonight, hit the tip jar.

Yes. I’m pimping the pets. Come on, you knew what I was like before this, you had to.

Hit the tip jar!


3 thoughts on “First Draft Fundraising: Final Day!

  1. I feel bad for not supporting, as I do read this blog every day. If it is any excuse the fiance just lost her job, and my hours are cut, so we are back to eatin’ not but cabbage and potatoes to pay the landlord-man.
    I’ll send some moral support, and will feel guilty about only doing that in my second job, waiting tables, every time I think poorly of a customer for leaving the verbal tip (<10% and a little note saying 'you are the best waiter I've ever had). Compliments don't pay the bills… but at least I'm broke not cheap.
    best and best

  2. Done because I enjoy the blog, am afraid of what Jude would do if I didn’t (it would probably involve copious amounts of swearing), and, most of all, I want to see a ferret wearing a wee turtleneck sweater. I would also encourage everyone who hasn’t done so already to buy the Irish pubs book because it, too, is made of Awesome.

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