Friday Catblogging: Is that a bird?

Della Street is a house cat and has little interest in exploring the great outdoors; unless, that is, she hears a bird chirping. Oscar and Della actually got a bird once. It had somehow gotten into the house and when we came home I found a decapitated bird head, a pool of birdie blood and two very proud hunter gatherer kitties. I hope it never happens again but ya never know…

This is Della in alert, bird stalking mode:

7 thoughts on “Friday Catblogging: Is that a bird?

  1. She’s beautiful. Speaking of birds in houses, one day I came home and saw a spot of blood on the wall over a window. Thinking hubby smashed a mosquito, I thought nothing of it until I was cleaning a few days later and found a dead bird on the window seat. Apparently a bird got in the house (maybe chased by the cats), hit a blade of the ceiling fan, propelled into the wall and fell to it’s death. Weird stuff.

  2. ” Oscar and her actually got a bird once.” . . . ouch . . . the grammar police are not happy . . .

  3. pansy + cosmo got to chase a chippie around the livingroom, but basil is the killer. 2 mice, neither bitten, so keep at it basil. good boy.

  4. Tigger goes into full alert mode when he sees or hears a bird ouside, right down to the clicking sound he makes that I read was a cat simulating his attack/strike.
    To date, though, the only blood he’s drawn has been from attacking my hand, arm, or leg…though he’s torn more than a few toys to absolute shreds…

  5. Pussies. Daisy the Not-At-All-Feminine-Boy-Cat has nailed at least 6 birds, many ground squirrels, and countless baby bunnies (easy prey). Cute Bob, who had to survive on birds in the wild as a kitten for a few months after getting his back paw crushed, has nailed at least 2 dozen, and eaten their heads & brains. He then eats Daisy’s play toys. I think it’s the crunching he likes. I tried getting him to switch to chewing ice, but he ain’t buyin’.

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