4 thoughts on “Booing Soldiers in Iraq

  1. And the Republicans accuse liberals regularly of lack of gravitas?
    We are at the mercy of a minority of rabid wolves, far gone from any type of civilized discourse. Our best response is, let us bring them delicious pork chops and reason with them!
    This is going to work just peachy, right? We want compromise, a reasonable government, peace, prosperity, equality and justice.
    And they howl for wrack, ruin and the end of days.
    I worry when one side doesn’t care about the outcome, it is no longer a debate. There is no honorable opposition, queensbury rules are quite over here.
    The question is how to counter nihilism without becoming them? I need to haul out my Nietzsche, and I HATE Nietzsche. Crap, going to need a long spell of Hume or even Burke to get that poison mind-worm out of my head.
    It’s going to be a long winter, friends, do buckle in.

  2. Obviously, what happened to “Support our Troops”?
    Obviously, now that they’ve so encouraged the Tea Party types to disrupt meetings, what will they do with their creation? (Dr. Frankenstein)
    These are the types of folks that go to Repub Debates. So wouldnt’ it hold that what they do at the debates is part of both the image and the essence of the repub party? (Didn’t their mother tell them that you are known by the company you keep).
    Knowing this, anyone want to try to explain the log cabin repubs?

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