Malakas Of The Week: GOP Debate Audiences

Ronald Reagan is the household God of the GOP; much as FDR has been for generations of Democrats. Wingers invoke the Reagan geist so much that it has inspired jokes about Zombie Ronnie. They’ve missed the point of Reagan’s genial persona: he was able to slather niceness over the most retrograde policies and make them seem less harsh This generation of Goopers, however, are mean, ornery and tacky, which are all aspects of malakatude.

We all remember thecheers for the death penalty during Gov. Package Check’s 2012 debate debut and the “let him die guy.” Last night another crowd of wingnut malakas booed a Gay serviceman who asked about DADT:

Asking Rick Santorum what he’d do as President is like asking Oscar when he’s planning to take the SAT. Never gonna happen, my friend. I did, however, get a kick out of Dan Savage’s buddy saying that we should take all sex and social engineering out of the military so they can be butch and kick ass. The military, in fact, is a great place for social experimentation: it was desegregated long before the Solid South, after all. Why? Because bigotry is unacceptable, that’s why. I bet this crowd would boo Admiral Mullen too.

Reagan would have shaken his head, smiled and praised the soldier for his service and ducked the question by telling a story about playing the Gipper or something. Ronnie may have helped to ignite the winger social issues counter-revolution but had remarkable little interest is playing Elmer Gantry. He’d rather praise Burt Lancaster for winning the Oscar for that part…

The other Rick-Perry-is betting that the voters want a prick as their President. I have my doubts about that. Sure, the teanuts want a hater but most people want their President to at least *pretend* to be genial. We have elected Tricky Dick who was a malaka to the core BUT even he felt the need to feign niceness before retreating to the Oval Office to trash talk all and sundry. The current crop of Goopers would be well advised to stop talking *about* Reagan and learn how to sound like him. The man could have sold car insurance to the Amish…

So I’d like to thank the GOP debate audiences for being so nasty. Their malakatude can only hurt their cause, which is hunky dory with me.

4 thoughts on “Malakas Of The Week: GOP Debate Audiences

  1. Somebody missed a chance to say “Who was that booing? Sir, regardless of your feelings about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the gentleman wears the uniform of the United States and is fighting to protect all of our rights. He deserves our respect.” I think that would have garnered some applause even from the crowd there last night.
    But: no.
    I’m wondering when someone will dare to call out Newt Gingrich on his condescending, faux-professorial style. The Democratic whoop-ass of 2010 was nothing compared to the mid-1990s, when Gingrich’s high-handedness got the GOP defeated across the board in the midterms. Back then, he had to slink out of Washington — and now it’s like it never happened.

  2. “The first time someone shows you who they are, believe them.”
    ― Maya Angelou
    Get rid of the EPA because they want to regulate dust. Job creators need to be able to poison the air with coal dust and radioactive dust and while it is true that human resources will die of it that is the price you pay for the jobs you say you want.
    Mr keep your sexuality to yourself has the fruit of his penis on display in his office.
    Gingrich took credit or the results of policy that he opposed.
    Bachman seems to think the government should be run on charitable donations.
    This is not the first time that the radical right has demonstrated that they think the only good soldier is a dead soldier.
    I have no idea who these people are but these debate audiences should put an end to the specious claims that no tea partiers really think what these people obviously, demonstrably, do think.

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