Jindal blows a gaping hole in Perry’s waterline even wider

All right – excuse me for getting out of my box, but I don’t see thisanywhere else on the interwebz. It made me choke on my ham, onion, and jalapeno omelette.

The MTP bobbleheads had the surrogates for Romney and Perry on this morning, and the subject turned to the M-word:

(Gregory) There’s this issue of”Governor Romney is a Mormon”, this has become an issue in the campaign, pastor Robery Jeffress introduced Rick Perry and said the following:

(clip runs)

(Jefferson) “So we want a candidate who s a good, moral person? Or do we want a candidate who is a born-again follower of the lord Jesus Christ? Mitt Romney is a good, moral person – but he is not a Christian. Mormonism is not Christianity, yet it’s always been considered historically to be a cult by evangelical Christians,”

(clip ends)

(Gregory) Has Governor Perry satisfactorily distanced himself from this pastor in Governor Romney’s mind?

(Pawlenty) Well, in my view, David, it’s disappointing that Governor Perry and others who didn’t denounce pastor Jeffress and those comments more directly, We have a country where we don’t have prohibitions on a particular church attendance for public office. In fact, it’s prohibited in theU.S. Constitution.

(Gregory) Governor Jindal, are you disappointed in Governor Perry? Have you told him he should more formally denounce…

(Jindal) I don’t think it’s for any of us to judge somebody else’s religious views, their relationship with God.The Bible is very clear, that’s up to God, not us. (…) It’s not for any of us to judge somebody’s faith, relationship to God, I think that would be inappropriate.The Bible is very clear, that’s not our role.


Pawlenty says that religious tests are against the Constitution, and Jindal saysthe answers are RIGHT THERE IN THE BIBLE!!!

Even Perry has to be doing a facepalm over this one.


5 thoughts on “Jindal blows a gaping hole in Perry’s waterline even wider

  1. Considering Jindal has been in support of the Church getting to torture you at its whim, i.e. exorcism, it isn’t surprising.

  2. I thought Romney handled it well last time around when he pointed out that he was the only person on the stage who had only been married once.
    And as for the others, would you prefer someone who identifies themselves as a Christian but who acts on vastly different ideals?

  3. Did Romney say ‘only married once’, or ‘never divorced’?
    Because there could be an extra marriage or two, real quiet.

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