4 thoughts on “The Free Market

  1. To mis-quote an old adage, won’t it be nice when we pay for schools to be build and businesses have to sell cookies to balance the books?
    Public pays for the debt, profits are privatized.

  2. As part of Big Jim’s scam the vote clock ran out for authorization of the Il Sports Facilities Board, so they just unplugged the clock and kept on twisting arms until 3am. When the vote finally had enough backers they plugged it in again and held the vote. According to the “official” public record the ISFB pased at 11:55pm om the last day possible. (Although it did NOT).
    Another scam he rammed through was to tear down every restaurant and bar within a quarter mile of Comiskey because Reinsdorf wanted all the fans’ spare change. Thompson promised the owners of McCuddy’s and Danny O’Brien’s that they could build across the street on the old Comiskey site but Rerinsdorf said NO WAY! HE built a sports bar under the stands at NEW Comiskey and keeps the profits for himself. Now the Bacardi Bar is where DO’B’s and McC’s were promised space. Reinsdorf doesn’t even allow independent peanut vendors to sell w/in a 1/4 mile radius of home plate.
    Same deal with the United Center. Every restaurant and bar within a 1/4 mile radius of center court was torn down or closed so the fans HAVE to spend their drinking bucks at Jerry’s expensive in stadium facilities.
    But he is just happy to break even, with free rent and all the rest.
    Jerry should be billed by the citizens of St. Pete for their (unused for a decade) stadium they built for him during his scam.

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