Bush Flack Sick Over How Republicans Are Assholes

Michael Gerson cannot believewhat total bags of fuck Republican presidential candidates can be:

Bachmann is not just making a political point but a moral argument. She asserts that children — who have committed no crime themselves — should be denied assistance because of the legal status of their parents. Her point is made without qualification. It doesn’t matter whether the children of illegal immigrants are hungry or sick. This standard rules out everything from emergency room treatment to elementary school education to prenatal care for the unborn. Bachmann’s pro-life convictions, evidently, only apply to children covered by a green card.

It is difficult to determine what tradition of moral reasoning Bachmann is drawing upon. Her argument seems to involve a mix of extreme nationalism and utilitarian lifeboat ethics. Christian morality, in contrast, affirms that human worth is intrinsic and universal. Men and women are created in God’s image, which is equally present in every tribe, race and nationality. Governments have a responsibility to honor human dignity in the application of law, even when it comes to noncitizens. Children, along with others who are particularly vulnerable, have a particularly urgent claim to care and protection.


I’m sorry, you all know how I feel about these Republican fuckwads who magically grew the ability to notice their party was full of ballsacks the day a Democrat took office and said we should look forward and not back. But honestly, who the fuck does Gerson think he’s feeling up in the coat room here?


6 thoughts on “Bush Flack Sick Over How Republicans Are Assholes

  1. How ’bout Mr. Gerson address his party’s willingness to LIE about anything at any time to serve any end.
    If a Republican candidate or current office-holder thought it would mean a poll bump of 2 points, OR keep a loony fringe group in line, OR make Obama look bad, OR piss off a couple of liberals, he or she WILL swear to you they believe the moon is made of cheese.
    For a bunch of supposed bible-thumping godbags, they will fucking lie like a psychopath — not spin, LIE — about anything. Scumbag motherfuckers.

  2. A little off-topic, but I keep reading “party was full of ballsacks” as “party was full of basilisks” which seems equally accurate.

  3. It is difficult to determine what tradition of moral reasoning
    this is why I’ve stopped paying attention to either side. Politicians do not employ moral reasoning to anything. None of them. They employ whatever methods they believe will get them, and keep them, bankrolled and elected.
    It’s like watching a basketball game where the commentators pretend the guys on the court are brain surgeons or philosophers or scientists instead of what they’re actually doing.
    Or watching people put costumes on dogs or something.

  4. So after decades of Rovian politics, after years of stirring up the base with extremist rhetoric, after years of blocking legislation against the good of the country, after years of providing intentionally false information from the echo chamber (Faux, Limbo, etc. acting in concert), …
    Dr. Frankenstein meet your monster.

  5. yes, well you go into GOP primaries with the sociopath retards you’ve got, rather than the ones you wish you had.
    Clear now, Mr. Gerson?

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