So There Was a Strike in Oakland Today

Photo by Oakland99er.

They’ve shut down the port.

I feel like we’ve been talking in circles for years. Part of the reason I have such affection for the protesters nationwide is that tell me what else, I mean, honestly. People elected Democrats to end the war and the war went on. People want the rich taxed and the rich get their taxes cut. Everybody knows the right thing to do and nobody’s doing it and this has been the case for years. We say, every year, as it gets dark and cold, that maybe this year it won’t be so dark or so cold. What if it is? What if this is as good as it gets, when we do what we’re supposed to do?

Maybe this is what it takes. The conversation’s changed, I can tell you that much, around dinner tables where our pundits like to source their tirades. It’s not about the deficit anymore. It’s about this being as good as it gets latelyand that fucking sucks, so what happens next is important. Now that we’re talking about this, about how there aren’t any jobs except shitty ones and that the best you can hope for is to not be quite so desperate as you were yesterday, where does that energy go? Who steps up to harness all that? I have no faith in the leaders of my party, that they see this and will respond. They’ve squandered every opportunity presented to them in the last decade. Why not this one, too?

But if not them, who? What’s out there, that hasn’t been thought of yet?


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  1. Yeah, I pretty much fucking love the protesters and all that they’re doing. I saw the tents at St. Paul’s in London today and thought, hell yeah –we helped inspire that. And sure, we were inspired by Cairo, who were inspired by Tunisia, this stuff all is influenced from other people in other places, but I still saw those tents and thought, I am so fucking proud of my people. We’re still exporting our arms, but now we’re exporting some part of what is best in us too. Good on ’em.

  2. I had a warm glowing feeling deep inside when I read the reactions of The Very Serious People when the PM of Greece announced that he would let the victims of this Randian Rape scene also known as Saving The Euro, you know, have a say. They were all so royally pissed. I don’t know that much about the whole euro thing except that a whole lot of people are screwed for policies that were put in place by others. And part of the solution is, you know, selling the Parthenon to Disney Europe or something.
    enough already, enough.

  3. I’m so proud of OWS! I can’t go hang with them so I’m taking supplies to the one nearby. I keep them in my prayers and have been writing letters to the editor of my tiny tea-party home town paper in support and to help my neighbors make the connection between the anger of the Tea-party and the OWS. The people taking to the streets is the only hope for our country.
    I’m one of the 99%!

  4. “Who steps up to harness all that…? But if not them, who? What’s out there, that hasn’t been thought of yet?”
    I’m kind of surprised to see you write that, Athenae. I thought (perhaps I’m mixing you up with Doc) that you’d been teaching kids journalism for years. I was pretty sure you’d have realized that the only people foolish enough to harness the energy to change the world were the young. Worldly-wise adults will keep telling them that change is impossible, and they’ll be right — up until the kids turn the world on its head just to prove them wrong.

  5. “What’s out there, that hasn’t been thought of yet?”
    From theGuardian’s live blog today on the Greek government crisis:
    “Guillotines should be elected outside parliament,” said Aristides Raptis, a fruitseller in Syntagma Square where the parliament building is located.
    That’s next.

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