Two Wild and Crazy Guys


So, RickI’m-Just-Wild–No Really: WILD–About-Syrup Perry and Herman “Foxes” Cain went frombrotherly love tosibling rivalry in just a couple of weeks (according to the Cain campaign. I still think it was Karl Rove who exposed Herm’s wild side.)

Meanwhile, the presumed beneficiary — Romney — still reminds me of a creepier version of Bob Dobbs fromThe Church of the Subgenius. Maybe Mitt’s finally caught a bit of slack.

4 thoughts on “Two Wild and Crazy Guys

  1. I’m reminded of a scene of Babylon 5 where Ambassador Mollari is watching two of his wives arguing with each other:
    “Ladies! LADIES! PLEASE! …continue.”

  2. Oh, and you get two internets for that picture; it took me a few looks to see the Bob Dobbs picture in the background (+1) and a few more to realize that it was the Mittster. (+1)

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