Rioting Kids are Only Part of the Problem

From the Penn State Daily Collegian, which did outstanding journalism all week:

If anything, it is clear from the allegations that the university’s investigation was not handled properly. Curley and Schultz brought their course of action to Graham Spanier in 2002 — and he signed off on it. Their action plan? Sandusky was not allowed to bring any more children from his charity, The Second Mile — which works with at-risk children — on campus.

This was not enough.

Penn State’s reaction to these allegations would suggest that the university didn’t mind what Sandusky did, so long as it wasn’t in its backyard.

The moral failure of every single person involved is appalling. No one did anything more than try to sweep this problem off-campus.

It’s easy to subject dumbass football fans to contempt on Facebook, but students don’t just come to the independent conclusion that their football coaches or athletic directors or chancellors or whatever are adorable mascots without any flaws, rather than incredibly powerful and wealthy actors in a system. Any major university, including my own, makes millions of dollars pretending their sports programs are the realms of heroes, and everybody gets inundated with it.Plenty of kids didn’t lose their fucking heads, and with all the misery in this story, we need to remember thatnot all of humanity sucks as bad as those tipping over news vans, if only so that we don’t slit our wrists:

“I’ve heard many, many people express that not enough is being done for the sexual assault victims,” said Kyle Harris, 21, a senior public relations major from Massachusetts who is helping to plan the vigil. “We want to support these victims. We’re just horrified.”

You know what WILL change the culture of admiring those who helped protect a child molester and helped him continue to prey on victims? FUCKING PRISON TERMS FOR EVERYONE INVOLVED. The court of public opinion is one thing, but depending on there never to be any total idiots who will stand up for those in power no matter what is not, shall we say, realistic. Throw a few more bastards in jail, instead of starting a bidding war for their memoirs or letting them disappear back into academia, and the idea of getting outraged on behalf of anyone caught doing this again will start to seem a lot less attractive, no matter how may kegs got tapped at the frat house.


6 thoughts on “Rioting Kids are Only Part of the Problem

  1. Yeah, at some point when I wasn’t paying attention the court of public opinion replaced the court of law for the well-heeled.

  2. Paterno needs to fucking spending his retirement without dignity or freedom. At least some house arrest.
    My maternal grandfather was a PSU alum (’41). Adored Papa Joe, was so proud to have gotten a personal reply to a letter he wrote to Paterno before the 87 Fiesta bowl. I’m pretty sure Granddaddy would be mortified, though I admit I haven’t checked to see if his jar of ashes upstairs has exploded.

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