10 thoughts on “Please Let This Happen

  1. Me thinks he is getting desperate. He falls in the polls when debating other Repub Candidates (BTW – just how many repub prez debates are scheduled to happen in SC this year and next year?). As noted above, Perry does abysmally bad at debates so far. He himself has said that he isn’t a debater.
    So now, without his party’s nomination, without even being the repub front runner, he wants to debate Pelosi, who as far as I know (and my common sense tells me) has no plans to run for prez this year.

  2. I will guarantee you chose Pelosi because he thinks he can win over a woman. Perry is a notorious chauvinist. You people should live in this state and have to endure this moron. Maybe you’d quit writing about him. I’m telling you — nothing there (except cowboy clothes).

  3. I have little doubt Pelosi could run rings around Perry, but I’m not sure this matchup would be satisfying. If you caught her lackluster performance w Jon Stewart the other night, it’s possible she might just piss you off with weaselly answers while Perry flopped and floundered.

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