Stay Classy, NASCAR Fans

A bit of tackiness for a Monday morning:

NASCAR fans booed Michelle Obama and Jill Biden at the season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway on Sunday.

Both the first lady and the vice president’s wife were there to honor military troops and their families and to call attention to companies who have made commitments to hire and train veterans and military spouses.

The Associated Pressreports that drivers gave the duo a standing ovation during a pre-race meeting.

Here’s the video:

7 thoughts on “Stay Classy, NASCAR Fans

  1. That’s funny ’cause I love Nascar and I’m a liberal/progressive. I just don’t get how these folks vote against their best interests everytime. I’ve begun to think they just want the President to be as stupid as they are.

  2. “”I just don’t get how these folks vote against their best interests everytime…”
    The Repubs are masters of the “Art of Stirring Resentment and Hate” among their base. Cut programs that educate people and bring them up from the gutters of poverty and ignorance, chuck in a healthy dollop of Christian tribalism and Xenophobia, keep telling them that they are better and more deserving than the “other.”

  3. I am somewhat surprised that the NASCAR faithful haven’t forced them to race clockwise, because all that left turnin’ can’t be good for ‘Merica.

  4. It doesn’t surprise me that NASCAR fans booed Mrs. Obama. While it is a rapidly growing sport, it has its roots in folks running moonshine (poor, disenfranchised, south, etc.).
    What bothers me it that the news tonight reports that Limbaugh got into it and is adding his own air of respectability by saying it was a natural reaction to her being “uppity.” This definitely makes it a racial matter.
    As portrayed in South Park – Turn to the left.

  5. Jo, same thing bothers me. They talk about taxes on inherrited money and everyone jumps at the government stealing their money. No one stops to think that very few of them have anywhere near the estate amount that would expose them to inherritance taxes.
    They praise the Bush tax cuts without realizing that they applied mainly to the very top of the pyramid. Then don’t worry that as they are for fiscal responsibility, a blanket decrease in taxes at the top of the pyramid means they need to pay more.
    They also forget that while in the 50s the upper part of the pyramid paid extremely high taxes, this is no longer the case. It hasn’t been the case for several decades. Yet they still enter debates claiming that the tax rates are higher now for the rich than they were at any time in history.
    As a strictly personal guess as to why, I see where everyone wants to rise higher in the pack order by identifying with those at the top. I’m wonderful because I root for the best scorer in the NFL. If I identify with the rich, then my status is higher.

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