3 thoughts on “UC Davis Chancellor’s Walk of Shame

  1. Yes, silence can be powerful, both with large groups…and with small groups. I remember a demonstration here in BR in the 1980s — among other things, marching in silence silenced the usual hecklers.
    Oh, and I submitted a couple of entries in the Pepper Spraying Cop — Saigon 1963, and two with a Statue of Liberty theme.
    Thanks for posting this.

  2. Since it is the University of California ***SYSTEM*** how come no one is noting that the library Taser incident was at UCLA. Could there be something systemic in the system?
    I don’t know the California system that well, but I am also wondering if the cops on one campus are related to the cops at another campus. At many systems, the campus cops are sworn in as state police officers and the cops from one campus have jurisdiction on other campuses also (that is, the services on the different campuses are from a central source.)

  3. They are all deputized and empowered by the state, city and college cops both. They are all “the state’s creatures” and wield its authority.

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