The Healing Process

Sweet blueberry Jesus, I hate this stupid therapy language and the people who use it when it doesn’t mean anything other than SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP:

The UC-Davis Chancellor responsible for thepepper-spraying of her students, Linda Katehi, todaywent onGood Morning America and explained why she should not resign or otherwise be held accountable: “we really need to start the healing process and move forward.” On aradio programin the afternoon, she expanded on this view by saying: “Weneed to move on.”

That’s it. That’s all it means. It meansgo away.It means stop talking about how I hurt you. It means stop talking about the wrong done and the reparation due, the action taken and the appropriate consequences. It means I am sick of hearing you whine. It means I want to leave you and your mistreatment and your issues behind on the road and who cares if you’re still bleeding, because at least I stopped hitting you and really, what more do you people want from me? Just heal already, so that I can forget.

Once and for all time, the person hurt is the person who decides when it’s time to move on. The person affected is the person who decides when the “healing process” starts, and what the healing process even IS. It is not up to the perpetrator to determine what course of action the victim needs to take.

I personally think it would start the living hell out of everybody’s healing process if Katehi resigned before she was sued into next week, but again, that’s not up to me. Until one of the students pepper-sprayed in the face for the outrageous crime of sitting on the sidewalk tells us all what needs to happen for the healing process to begin, I think we can consider this whole thing officially un-healed.


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  1. Amen to that. And I, as the parent of a UC Alum, wonder what the parents are thinking at this moment and wonder how they will respond to Katehi’s strict – make that abusive – parent version of ‘in loco parentis.’

  2. If one of my kids was there, they’d be filling out transfer applications to other schools for the Spring 2012 semester. If I were an alumni donor, I’d be stopping payment on the most recent check. Hit her and her stormtroopers where it hurts—their endowment.

  3. Once and for all time, the person hurt is the person who decides when it’s time to move on.
    Amen, hallelujah, etc. etc.

  4. Sherry – how are YOU handling it? To simply do nothing would be unconscionable for most parents.

  5. The LATimes is running an eyeopening series oncare in a prison hospice. One of the prisoners understands everything the Chancellor doesn’t. Three, make that four, insights, and she hasn’t even got to the first one.
    “No matter what I do in here, I can’t take back the mistake I made … I have to accept that and then I have to do my best to keep helping people any way I can.”

  6. The next Kubler-Ross should come up with the stages of PR:
    1) Denial
    2) Silence
    3) Spin
    4) Wrist-Slapping
    5) Telling everyone to STFU

  7. I’ve been sprayed by pepper spray in my law enforcement training (I am no longer affiliated with LE and no, I wasn’t a power hungry asshole). That shit hurts, not just your eyes. It burns your skin and when you throw cold water on it, it makes it stop burning momentarily. Then you think you need to put more water on it, which will make it burn all over again. Once it dries, it is much better. Then when you go home and shower, the stuff that is stuck in your eyebrows and hair will burn you all over again. Inhaling it burns your lungs and it makes you cough for a good long time. It should never be used like that. That prick and his buddy he called over to replenish his supply should be fired. Oh and those guys are fully trained police officers.

  8. “We know Katehi had chemical weapons, and she used them on her own people.”
    And now we have a precedent for an appropriate response.

  9. “We know Katehi had chemical weapons, and she used them on her own people.”
    Yep. So what now, y’all?

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