Ignoring the 99 Percent is Not Enough

Now Obama has to walk up to them, slap them in the face with a glove, and declare AS ONE GENTLEMAN TO ANOTHER I CALL YOU A LIAR SIR.

And you know what? Probably plenty of sensible pundits will jump right on board with this, saying it will finally prove once and for all that the Democrats really aren’t crazy leftists if they just go ahead and kick their potential base just this one more fucking time. Just once more. We promise.

Surely the next time we’ll let them ignore their constituents like they really want to do, instead of demanding they actively attack people who are, like hippies usually, actually fucking right about everything. Surely this is the last time Republicans will put us to this test.

So Obama denounces these protesters, and … profit? I mean, then what? America finally realizes that we don’t have two extreme parties, we have a crazy bunch of nutters yelling at their TVs and a center-right party and then five people in Congress who actually give a fuck? How does that profit Newt in any way? I sincerely hope these are questions somebody asks before giving advice to his or her boss that Newt really has a good point and it might once and for all satisfy Chris Matthews’ racist uncle.


6 thoughts on “Ignoring the 99 Percent is Not Enough

  1. Now we have a whole new crop of DFHs and the Republicans have had to pull their talking points from the 1960s and spit them out all over again. Take a bath and get a job. What a tool.

  2. I suppose “Obama to Gingrich: Go Fuck Yourself, You Pasty Asshole” is not a headline we’re likely to see any time soon.
    More’s the pity.

  3. Thanks Jay — was thinking the same thing. Gingrich, whose entire career has been built on sneering, divisive contempt of the Democratic Party and/or liberalism (not necessarily the same thing) is now laying claim to being some sort of unifying figure?
    Jesus Tits.

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