Nobody Could Have Predicted

That listening to batshit crazy shitballs who see Islam in their coffee grounds every morning would lead to bad things.

Also the best lead ever is at the link.

You know, after the wholeRachael Ray-is-leading-the-donut-jihad nonsense, after theSharia Turkey thing, after ACORN and NPR, afterSears and porn, and every other time that any conservative outrage avalanche turned out to be made of horseshit, you would hope that corporate PR folks would learn, and would have a meeting with their bosses in which they were able to say, “look, these fuckballs don’t shop at our stores anyway, most of them can’t spell worth a crap, so fuck ’em in their faces and can we please get back to making buckets of money on cordless drills, please thanks.”


9 thoughts on “Nobody Could Have Predicted

  1. I also don’t understand how corporate PR departments in this day and age don’t hire people who know how to handle social media.

  2. I’m waiting for the updated post where they blame the Internet for creating so much vitriol and hatred. You know it’s coming.

  3. Between my last gig (newspapers) and my current one, I applied for a social-media job at Lowes HQ, which is just up the road from my mom’s place. I’m kind of glad now that I didn’t get it; I suspect that anyone there who knows anything about social media got shouted down by the suits over the decision to pull the ads and is now being blamed for the perfectly foreseeable mess that has resulted.

  4. I am guessing Lowe’s doesn’t mind all the racist blather. Only explanation, really.
    Here’s where I am annoyed: the contractor who is redoing part of my house uses Lowe’s exclusively. Goddamn it.

  5. I know that everyone tells you that social media is REQUIRED now, but honestly, if you don’t get how it works, step away.
    FAIL. How does it work?

  6. I also can’t believe that at this stage of the game no one’s figured out that the people who start these shitstorms are bullies led by bigger bullies and once you cave to a bully they will never stop hounding you. Ever.

  7. I’m assuming the picture of the lady with the latte in her hand is the problematic picture?
    The scarf looks to me to be a very tasteful part of her ensemble. If she didn’t have the scarf, she would be showing too much skin.
    And isn’t it a good idea to have all them terrorist at the donut shop so the cops can keep an eye on them /snark

  8. Then I see the link to the Lowe’s also.
    If we are so big on our 2nd amendment bona fides, isn’t there also an amendment about freedom of religion?

  9. Correction to the above, Of course I should have noted Freedom of Speech (which includes religious speech) and separation of Church and State.
    And I don’t mind stretching it to note that all of these are in the FIRST Amendement – as in First is better than second.

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