Assets, not liabilities

Merry Christmas everyone!

Having served various administrations, we know that politicians of both parties love this country and want to keep it safe. But right now some in Congress are all too willing to undermine our ideals in the name of fighting terrorism.They should remember that American ideals are assets, not liabilities.

You may know that, General. Me, I’m not so sure anymore.

2 thoughts on “Assets, not liabilities

  1. OK, so you’re, like gonna, like, try to tell me that the repubs are building this police state so Obama can use it to crush any home-grown terrorists like McVeigh? And without regard to the chance of a repub elected later? (And imagine the spectacle if Obama were to arrest a white supremists exercising their 2nd amendments.)
    And close but tangential to those who want us to believe that, could someone explain to me that Cain was knocked out of the running for sexual harassment so the crown and scepter went to Newt (who never had an affair with any staffer and has treated all his wives with the ultimate of respect and courtesy????) And we’re family values, so that also puts Newt at the top of the list? We want a business-like govt and someone who understands business so that disqualifies Romney who has the most business experience.??????

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