2 thoughts on “The Internet

  1. Oh A and Spork,
    Cayce is a superior school. After all, Bush established that Regents and Liberty Univ are the most prestigious law schools / snark. (I’m snarking too much, I need to watch my mood).
    In all seriousness, pet psychics, etc. The one that gets me are the ghost programs. Besides stretching it from “my” story to ghost stories from 3rd cousins of famous people, I’m trying to get a feel if the producers and persons on these shows are real believers putting these shows on -or- if it is a more cynical problem that they are totally acting.

  2. I’ll see that stupidity and raise you this almost unbelievable graph from the incomparable Newsmax, via Whiskey Fire: “From the triumphs of the West, e.g. individual rights, the rule of law, minority rights, free markets, the search for truth, the separation of church and state emerged as a form of curriculum apologetics for racism, imperialism, sexism, colonialism. The course that stood as the foundation stone in the curriculum was shattered like pie crust by an ideological bandwagon.”
    Actually, it sort of made me hungry, and I shall now go see where there are any piecrust fragments left in the wake of the bandwagon.

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