When you think Walker is doing something with a heart…Wait a day

The other day WI Gov. Walker made a big deal thathe was going to lift a cap on a program for the elderly and disabled:

On Wednesday, flanked by advocates for the state’s needy population, the governor announced he was lifting the cap on Family Care and would offer legislation to expand by $80 million the program that keeps the elderly and disabled out of nursing homes. The changes had been in the works for month.

A heart you say? Perhaps worried about the Recall? Nah. The State Journal learned the next day he had been ordered to do so by the Feds:

But on Thursday the State Journal obtained a copy of a Dec. 13 letter from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ordering the state to lift the cap and immediately enroll people not enrolled since Walker capped the program in July.

Did he mention that Wednesday?

Walker did not mention the letter during Wednesday’s announcement, a move which a day later has led critics to accuse the governor of trying to take credit for something he was being ordered to do.

“To try and take credit for this move was despicable,” said state Rep. Jon Richards, D-Milwaukee.

Richards was one of 37 legislators who in July signed a letter sent to the federal government, asking officials to step in and force Walker to remove the cap.

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  1. But what if the facade is just the front of the buildings, like an old-style Western Movie set? 😉
    I think more of the Wizard of Oz, slightly expanded – pay no attention to what is behind the curtain ! What curtain? You must be hallucinating the curtain because I don’t see a curtain.

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