Isn’t It Awful When the Devil Turns Round on You?

Well, what did you expect?

In thepreceding post I referenced this swift-boat-style ‘documentary’ on Mitt Romney and Bain Capital which the Gingrich-backing SuperPAC (Winning Our Future) has bought and will use as the battering ram against Romney in South Carolina. They’ve put up a trailer for it now which you can see after the jump. It really is right out of the Swift Boat witch’s brew, the camp lighting, rumbling black clouds, the cinematography of 30 second hit ads expanded out longform.

Right? And so the headaches that result when Republicans see this stuff (laid out nicely in Tommy’s post below, as well) being used against their own are partly comical, and partly infuriating. I mean, did you think it wouldn’t happen to you, fellas? Did you think you’d invented a gun that only shot your enemies?


4 thoughts on “Isn’t It Awful When the Devil Turns Round on You?

  1. It’s odd, though, that Democrats think that building a grassroots, committed, principled, internet-based activist community won’t come around and bite them in the ass when they abandon it. Isn’t it awful indeed?

  2. 2 news items I read in the last day or so:
    1) a Las Vegas Casino owner has contributed 5 mill to a Newt-friendly super Pac. How do Casinos match with the family values and conservative SC crowed?
    2) Newt, while leading attacks on Romney, is saying that he still won’t engage in the negative campaigning shown to him in Iowa. Of course, this is while his SuperPacs are doing all sorts of negative campaigning.
    3) Of course, the polls are making it look like Newt has had his 15 minutes of fame as he falls precipitously. So anything he can make stick against the other repubs is only fodder for the dems to use in the upcoming election. I mean, even the fellow repubs are attacking Romney for… As it is fellow repubs, it must be true. Right????????????? Only problem is that Obama has shied away from using such information in the past.

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