A Million Strong


A million. A MILLION.In the snow and the cold, over the holidays, with ads blaring from every TV set that said Walker was going to save them all and they’d be sorry, with carping pundits complaining about how very rude and mean this all was, they got A MILLION.

This is why you never give up. This is why you get back up. This is why you shout as loud as you can with every voice you possess, because one of these times, somebody’s going to fucking HEAR YOU. And you never know when that time’s coming, because it’s always coming, always out there, always heading your way.

I can’t. Just.

Wait, maybe I can. Thank you to everyone who donated, who circulated, who worked, who watched. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ve lived here a long time but Wisconsin will always be my home. Thank you for caring enough to try to save it.

Scout’s gonna have more later. Jude just texted me that he’s at the “cocaine-fueld abortion fest and black mass to celebrate recall sigs. Can’t get a signal to Tweet. Tell the world it kicks ass.”

I think the world knows.


11 thoughts on “A Million Strong

  1. and if he could fit it into 140 characters – add: “…funded by welfare chits!”

  2. Congratulations to each any every one of you that made this happen. Even if (horror of horrors!) Walker doesn’t get handed a big fat pink slip by the voters, that is something to be proud of.
    You get points for the Archer screencap, too. 🙂

  3. “I’m sorry, Lana, but it’s a rampage…”
    What Governor Deadeyes doesn’t get is that everyday, decent, hardworking people hate getting fucked. Teachers aren’t all Democrats. Neither are people in unions or trades-folk or anything else. So, when you pull the rug out from under them, they get pissed and turn on you, their Daddy’s tradition of voting for the GOP be damned.
    I was touring through some of the ritzier neighborhoods on the East Side of Milwaukee a couple weeks ago. I’m talking about places with GIANT SHACKS on the Lakefront. I’m talking White Folks Bay and Fox (news) Point and all that. Guess what I saw? Mercedes Benz with a “Recall Walker” sticker. Signs just outside of the iron gates that demanded “RECALL SCOTT WALKER!” It’s not a group of Madison granola munchers and Negro welfare cheats who are saying they don’t want this guy.
    It’s people like my mom and dad who say they “vote for the candidate” (which is code for “I tend to vote Republican more often than I should”) who told me point blank “After this guy, I will NEVER vote Republican again.” It’s people who have kids who attend public schools and yet make six figures because they attended public school and because they believe in the educational system that made them who they are. It’s people everywhere, from the “Up Nort” crowd to the sandal schleppers at the Mifflin Street Co-op.
    Republicans have gotten by on the assumption that people vote for them for “social” reasons (no gay marriage, no weed etc.) and that support for the rich is good because the voters to be rich too. Here’s the problem: the second half of that can fall apart pretty fast. People like to think of themselves as some day being wealthy, but they can feel the pinch when policies hit them. Even more, many folks in this state who have cash aren’t old money. They can identify with the bread and lunch meat crowd, especially when a line is drawn to separate reality into black and white.
    The hope we have going forth is that while the base of the recall is likely people who never would have voted for Scott Walker in the first place, the outer rings of those disenfranchised by his policy will continue to grow. White, black, Republican, Democrat, gay, straight…
    We all have a reason to reclaim our state from this guy.
    On Wisconsin.

  4. From tweets and whispers and snatches of conversation here and there, I was expecting “wow” numbers. But I was not expecting *these* wow numbers!
    After they announced 500K before Christmas, my sister asked me if we’d continue to go out and collect signatures in the cold, etc. I answered that it would depend if the organizers wanted to win the game by one touchdown, or by three touchdowns. I think we won by five touchdowns.
    I can’t stop grinning!

  5. I was wondering when they quit releasing totals on signatures. Now the question is, will Walker be recalled or jailed first? Either way…

  6. Go Wisconsin.
    The pictures of Walker I’ve seen lately have the expression of a man who stepped on a shovel.

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