‘Nature Takes Its Vengeance’

All you peeps with children who have special needs? You’re being punished by God:

The number of children who are born subsequent to a first abortion with handicaps has increased dramatically.Why? Because when you abort the first born of any, nature takes its vengeance on the subsequent children,” said Marshall, a Republican.

Yeah, you know, every once in a while somebody comes along and provides the kind of vicious clarity this party really needs in communicating its worldview. No messing around, here. No opaque language or weasel words. It’s refreshing.

What an unredeemable monster. What kind of obliviously nasty fucker do you have to be to say to an audience of people ANY OF WHOM may have a disabled or challenged child that it’s their fault for having an abortion or otherwise being whores? Why kind of horrifying God do you worship, that he rains down hellfire upon your innocent children, for some wrong you’ve committed? I get that about half the Old Testament was Yahweh being a total schmuck, but I think even Job would find this a bridge too far.

I have news for this asshole. Everybody who’s ever had a child who had anything different from a textbook conception, easy-peasy delivery, and total typical physical and mental condition questions whether that child’s problems are their fault. For something they did, or thought about doing, for drinking coffee or not drinking coffee or driving too fast or not breastfeeding or whatever. EVERYBODY. Childless whore, sure, but I know a lot of parents, and in the dark hours they all wonder if they’re fucking up their kids on some level, somehow.

SO THANKS FOR HELPING, in reinforcing the message that they’re at fault. And by the by, how does this explain the phenomenon of special needs children born to those virtuous girls who haven’t offended God by having an abortion? Did they commit some other sin? How else did they deserve their children’s fate?

I really can’t fathom living in the world this guy’s living in, watched over by the God in whom he believes. I can’t imagine what it’s like there, always under threat. Nature’s vengeance would be the least of my worries.


14 thoughts on “‘Nature Takes Its Vengeance’

  1. Does he even bother to back that up with any “facts” or studies or does he just throw it out there on the floor like the pile of dog shit it is? Does he take into account the dramatic increase in meds they are pumping into the general population now? Maybe he hasn’t noticed the dramatic increase in the ads from lawyers offering to sue for people who took seemingly-safe meds during pregnancy and had kids with disabilities.
    There is a special place in hell for people like him.

  2. We will alert Sarah Palin. I’m sure she was wondering why she got saddled with a Down’s Syndrome kid.
    Seriously, this is so offensive on so many levels I don’t even know where to start. But I’m sure there will be plenty of backlash not just from the disabled community but other Christian family groups. They’re always telling us all children are a blessing from God, not a punishment.

  3. Big surprise, this smug piece of human detritus is also hot for gays. Here’s what he had to say about DADT: “It’s a distraction when I’m on the battlefield and have to concentrate on the enemy 600 yards away and I’m worried about this guy who’s got eyes on me.” Yeah, buddy, when I see that seductive smile, it almost makes me want to switch teams. Gay soldiers wouldn’t stand a chance with this hunka love on the battlefield.
    Happily, gay soldiers will be able to keep it in their pants because Bob has never served a fucking minute in the military. Yeah, that was a big surprise, too.

  4. Wait, is this dude for real? God’s ‘will’ but it’s Nature’s Vengeance (which is now my new name for a harpsichord thrash metal band)..>?!?!
    Baroooo? Which is it…Gawd or Nature…’cause if this waste of O2 is a gawd-afearin’ Evanjellicle Cat – he doesn’t give a rat’s red patootie about “nature” as that’s in the purview of the (gasp, clutch the pearls) heathens, Pagans and such!
    Frak that effing bastard.

  5. I really can’t fathom living in the world this guy’s living in, watched over by the God in whom he believes. I can’t imagine what it’s like there, always under threat. Nature’s vengeance would be the least of my worries.
    I’ve never understood this.
    The god worshipped by most American Christians and Jews is a touchy psychotic irrational sadist. Yet they seem to glory in his viciousness — “You better be good and do what I say, ’cause my god’s a dick and he’s gonna FUCK YOU UP.”
    Even as a boy, I noticed that most Hebrew prayers were 90% groveling, and I wondered what kind of supreme being could be that insecure that he needed, demanded, insisted on that kind of worship.
    Yet it seems there are millions of American evangelicals who are much more comfortable with a smiting Jehovah than a loving Jesus. I bet a lot of them wouldn’t miss the New Testament at all if it disappeared tomorrow.

  6. Wait a minute–I thought all children were blessings. Now we find out some of them are actually punishments?
    Damn, this is complicated.

  7. So is this guy prepared to ask Karen Santorum when she had her abortion(s)? After all she lost one fetus at birth and another child has trisomy 13. And Sarah Palin would have to be questioned on this point also.
    (This is only partially snark.)

  8. “Your mother did something bad, kid, so I’m going to smite you and make your life a misery, just to get back at her. Sure, I could have gone after her directly, but this is way more fun.”

  9. Gummo, the trouble is, it’s persecution theology. If you’re a persecuted sect, what is the easiest way to buck up your true believers and gain converts to your cause? Make it out that in the end you’re going to be the one who’s right because you’ve got the secret.
    The cosmic version of “wait till your Dad gets home.”
    That shit had powerful and practical implications in the political and social time it was written.
    Now it gets used for all kind of horrible shit that doesn’t make sense, like this.

  10. Off topic, but United Wisconsin has just announced that they have collected in excess of ONE FUCKING MILLION Walker recall signatures.
    Fuck and yes.

  11. Uh, has anybody had the “birds and bees” talk with these people? I mean, consider Karen Santorum’s trisomy 13 kid. Copies of the 13th chromosome come from both parents, but there are three copies because one of them had a non-disjunction event. Could have been the sperm-parent. (Who was not Karen, just in case the never-heard-of-birds-never-heard-of-bees folks can use that info.) So, did Ricky masturbate once or something? That would do it, too, right?
    /*Where do theyfind these throwbacks?*/

  12. A, I believe it more that you’ve done this so you’re being punished rather than The parents ate bitter fruit so the children’s teeth are on edge (from memory,? Jeremiah? debunking the very theory that the child suffers from the parental actions).
    Of course, there is the vengance “extending to the 7th generation”. But when I see how parents teach their kids to follow the behavior that goofed them up (insert profanity for goofed as you see fit) and how these patterns exist for generations, I’m not so sure that this is entirely off.
    Either way, to blame a multifactoral biological event on an unrelated and distantly time related event defies incredulity. I will go further than the above and say if I believe that Trig was the child of Palin’s daughter, simple biology says someone has a broken chromosome. Add some blame to some previous indiscretion (easy to take what Levi said and ask about sleep overs between teens) and someone needs to take celibacy as a viable option. As in the above, only partially a snark.
    But have they never heard from the Jews calling a handicapped child a mitzvot?

  13. As a handicapped person, I find this extra offensive — I’m apparently not a person anymore, just a spanking God decided to give my mother. And oh yeah, abortion wasn’t legal where and when I was born, so there is that ugly bit, too.

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