Caption This: Thurmondville Primary Edition

I don’t know about you but I feel Newtastic:


8 thoughts on “Caption This: Thurmondville Primary Edition

  1. CZHA says:

    “I guarantee that you won’t have to worry about Social Security or Medicare cuts a year from now. All of your concerns will end soon.”

  2. montag says:

    Looks like Newticles has got that Vulcan mind-meld thingall fucked up again.

  3. “um…frankly…I’ve got your nose…”

  4. Mass says:

    Fundamentally, rather than let Saul Alinsky expropriate your nose, I will ensure your nose’s liberty and put it in my pocket.

  5. MichaelF says:

    “And now you can vote for me.”

  6. adrastos says:

    “Lost your clothespin? Let me help…”

  7. MapleStreet says:

    What is the real story behind this picture? It just seems like such a bizarre action for a candidate.

  8. Adrastos says:

    Nose picking?

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