Tough Cookies

Courtesy of the most Republican parish in the Gret Stet of Louisiana:

A Girl Scout troop on the north shore has collapsed after parents withdrew their children in the wake of adecision by a Colorado troop to admit a 7-year-old transgendered child. That’s a move they saw as an objectionable leftward drift in Girl Scouting.

Louisiana Girl Scouts have never been asked to admit a transgendered child, said Marianne Addy, the spokeswoman forGirl Scouts Louisiana East, which provides scouting activities for 17,000 girls. And soon after the Colorado decision last fall, Louisiana Scouting directors, who are free to set local policy, decided transgendered children would not be allowed should one ever apply.

The policy is now posted on the group’s website.

But Susan Cramond, a troop leader who had two children in the group that met at Northlake Christian School in Covington, said she and other like-minded parents felt Louisiana Scouting policy-makers should never have had to discuss the transgender issue in the first place. Cramond said when she first contacted Louisiana’s Scouting leaders to ask whether a transgendered child could be accepted into a local troop, she didn’t get the quick and unequivocal “no” she was hoping for.

So Cramond and fellow troop leader Susan Bryant-Snure, a Lacombe doctor, informed other parents. She said they collectively decided to abandon the Girl Scouts and seek affiliation withAmerican Heritage Girls, a similar organization that describes itself as a “Christ-centered leadership and character development ministry.”

Bryant-Snure said by banning transgendered children, the Louisiana board eventually made the “right decision; they just made it in a way that made us nervous.”

Ain’t bigotry grand? Guess they’re afraid that a transgendered Girl Scout might whip it out and roast their weenie over the old camp fire or some such shit.

My friendKevin who is Allmandirected me to the most obnoxious comment at, which is notorious for its nasty right wing commentariat:

Surely a red flag went up for me when it was revealed that the Girl Scouts is a platform for promoting sexual promiscuity, contraception and abortion.

So, eat a Samoa and promote decadence? Cool. I’ll take samoa right here on the floor. Holy Dinah-Moe Humm, Batman:

8 thoughts on “Tough Cookies

  1. Well, their cookies have got to be the most unhealthy thing on the face of the earth.
    In all seriousness though, even without admitting a transgendered child the second quoted sentence hints at the fact that a lot of the extremists have already been hitting on the Scouts as being sufficiently grounded in traditional values (They have a badge for the internet !! Run for the hills.) I see this more of a convenient excuse than the straw which broke the camel’s back.

  2. Doc’s Midget is selling cookies. I say we buy a fuckton of them. You know, to promote sexual promiscuity and abortion.

  3. So let me get this straight.
    1. She asked some people a question they had probably never even thought of before.
    2. They said “I’m not really allowed to just set policy on my own; I’ll have to check with the council”.
    3. The council came back with the response that she wanted to hear.
    4. So she’s leaving in a snit.
    Is that about right?
    Christ these people are worse than children.

  4. I know some families who are involved with the evangelical right’s alternative to the Girl Scouts, theAmerican Heritage Girls.
    I won’t even dip my toe into the water of “let’s conflate coservative Christian ideology with ‘American heritage'”; let me tell you, the parents who are in charge of that group are some of the nastiest, passive-aggressive, argumentative people you have ever seen. Their membership is in constant flux because families sign up and, after a season or two (6-12 months), realizes that most of the people running that group are batshit insane, and pull their daughters out.
    One parent came into a room where one of the group leaders was teaching a group of girls andscreamed at her. In a planning discussion, one of the woman was complaining that some of the older girls didn’t have all of the awards and/or badges that they were a eligible for, and was complaining that they needed to do more for the girls; when someone pointed out that the girls were supposed to be learning leadership and self-motivation, and if the girls don’t want to put the effort into getting some of the badges, the first woman exclaimed, “We can’t let them FAIL!” o_O

  5. …and now I just read where you posted the same link.
    /facepalm. Time to get off of the internets for the night, methinks.

  6. Y’all have not scratched the surface yet.
    As if the new improved BSA (since the HQ moved to Dallas they might as well be a Focus on the Family wholly-owned subsidiary) wasn’t cruel enough to boys, there’s the “Royal Rangers.”

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