Caption It

From NY Mag:



13 thoughts on “Caption It

  1. Doc says:

    A weaselly looking feral animal holds up what appears to be a cat-like creature.

  2. M31 says:

    “I borrowed this from Donald Trump.”

  3. Kevin says:

    “It still looks better than Callista’s hair.”

  4. armored goldfish says:

    Awwww, he recognizes another member of his species–whatever that is.

  5. Christie says:

    Christ, what an asshole.

  6. MichaelF says:


  7. adrastos says:

    Newt meets his next ex-wife.

  8. Dan says:

    “Rabid, feral creature poses with furry animal”

  9. PWL says:

    (Newt): Hmm…nice mouth. Wonder if it would be better than Callista…?”

  10. MapleStreet says:

    I’m so poor that I have to wear this animal for a hat.
    Even though I am so poor, calling for tax returns ISN’T class warfare like Obama.

  11. k says:

    Which one passes the smell test?

  12. “~can i get enough food from this man’s head.hmmm”

  13. pansypoo says:


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