Mitt Hispanic?

Is the whitest man in American public life suddenly Hispanic? No but Fox News Latino is toeing the Murdochian line and asking whether Romney is the“First Gringo-Latin President.” This is, of course, poppycock, piffle and other p words that I can’t think of. In his eagerness to pander (another p word) Mitt keeps mentioning his family’s “emigrating from Mexico.”

Here are the basic facts as I understand them: one of Romney’s ancestors went to Mexico because he was polygamous and Mexican officials were even more corrupt than the Americans so they didn’t enforce their own laws against plural marriage. In 1912, young George Romney and his family fled the Mexican revolution because they feared getting their rich white heads cut off. So much for Latinness or Hispanicosity. It’s all part of the Mittster’s pretense that he’s a man of the people.

Past inherited rich guy Presidents such as FDR and JFK made fun of their own backgrounds but, of course, their policies benefited poor people. Imagine FDR saying“I’m not concerned about the very poor.” I’m grateful that Romney has still got his gaffe machine mojo working…

Finally, a word to the MSM: the term Hispanic is meaningless. The main Latino groups in the US and A have nothing in common politically. Since the MSM excels at oversimplification, I’m going to do likewise: Cuban and Central American voters lean GOP and tend to be conservative. Mexican and Puerto Rican voters lean Democratic and tend to be liberal. Try asking a rich Cubano in Miami if he has anything in common with a Mexican grape picker in California. If you do I hope they aren’t drinking a beverage, spit takes can be very messy…

Okay it’s time to bid y’all adios for now, so I’ll let the Texas Tornados have the last word:

7 thoughts on “Mitt Hispanic?

  1. IIRC Fox tried to sell W in a similar manner because he had a few words of the language.

  2. I just read through this and was surprised to see that you did not use it as an opportunity to define the neologism “Mittspanic” for us. I suggest we define it as the ethnic term by which corporate persons are indicated on post Citizens United Census forms. But since it sounded to me like a word you should have come up with, I’ll give you a crack at it too.

  3. I hadn’t heard of Fox News Latino.
    Isn’t this full of conflicts of interest? And why would someone who is Hispanic look to them to define their politics (based on Fox News’s blatant support of many, many anti-Hispanic laws and political moves. Kind of like Obama getting all his news from Faux.)

  4. Instead of saying he wasn’t concerned about the very poor, FDR said he “welcomed the hatred” of rich people.

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