Our President is a Ridiculous Dork, She Says Approvingly

I just love how after the kid (a remarkably composed and mature child, as I would probably have been stuttering and tripping over myself at his age) says he shoots marshmallows from the air cannon, Obama looks around like, “and I don’t have one with the presidential seal on it WHY, now?” 


10 thoughts on “Our President is a Ridiculous Dork, She Says Approvingly

  1. “Is it fully operational?”
    (You KNOW he wanted to say “…battle station” after that)

  2. Oh, look at that kewl President with his new toy weapon. I hope it’s aimed at a terrorist HAHAHA! (We’ll have to trust him on that, of course, because he’s the dictator now — no court approval needed.)
    Yeah, cute photo op. Bush had cute photo ops too. So did Nixon. Go on clapping for the war criminal, Athenae, as we head toward slaughtering millions of Persians in Iran. Hope you can live with yourself later.

  3. I like how Obama was actually was concerned about the safety of the press. If I was Preznit I’d be like “Hey mofos, I’d LOVE to shoot this marshmallow up your ass but it would be wrong but consider this your one and only warning.”

  4. Given how the press reacts to rightwingnut attacks, YES, it’s correct to be concerned about them suffering irreparable harm from a marshmallow cannon attack.

  5. “Dork” – didn’t we outgrow that in Jr. High School? Apparently not.
    And what is wrong with occasional frivolity? Obama uses that to break up the mood.

  6. My favorite line from the kid: “I shot myself with the cannon at 15 PSIs to make sure no one would get hurt.”

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