My Boy, My Wife, My House, My Right

GROSS. Just … gross. Am I the only one who wants to check his freezer for human heads?

The whole thing just smacks of somebody who’s watched too many sitcoms and thinks that shit’s actually hilarious in real life. As with every sitcom I try to watch (other than Raising Hope, which is fucking awesome) I am alternately bored and nauseous, listening to him.

I don’t know what’s creepier, the constant assertion that his family belongs to him (and it’s not that he says “my house,” it’s the defensive intonation), the way he’s unable to say “vagina” (like the word has cooties), the hooting laughter of the crowd, or the need for him to ply “his” wife with wine before she’ll even consider sex with him in the first place.

Given the choice between this douchebag and the Washington Redskins, I’d pick the Redskins too.


8 thoughts on “My Boy, My Wife, My House, My Right

  1. This totally reminded me of Lysistrata, you know, the comedy from 411 BC where the women of Greece cut their men off from sex to end the Peloponnesian War. Those Republicans, always so right on top of pop culture!
    Anyway, I’ve been saying for years that the only way to stop this war on women is for women to cut the men off from that sweet stuff. Looks like one Republican wife might have got the message. Oh, it so sucks to be you. Poor boy.

  2. OK, I get that a “trna-V” has better resolution than an external abdominal ultrasound. But even considering that, a law mandating a specific technology puts that technology in stone and forbids the use of any improved technologies.
    A bad idea from the start. Even ignoring any reproductive rights arguments, a bad idea from the start.

  3. Mm. I actually got the feeling he was going for self-deprecating humor. Didn’t quite get there, or did get there on a level that maybe Dean Martin could’ve managed in the late 60s/early 70s.
    Still not sure what exactly his satirical point was, though. I mean, yeah, he didn’t get any that night, but — was he sorry he sponsored the bill because he didn’t get laid? sorry because he realized the bill was wrong? sorry his wife was paying attention to the news? mad at the news for noticing him and broadcasting it? mad at himself, realizing as he’s speaking that he’s discussing his and his wife’s sex life on the chamber floor and it’s going onto YouTube and she can hold that over his dumb ass forever? Mad at himself, for giving his future political opponents at least four commercials’ worth of quote lines?

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