Game of Thrones of Hotness

You have to be KIDDING me. I know I like ’em old and scruffy, and that’s not exactly the Justin Bieber set’s cup of mead, but I wouldn’t touch Littlefinger with the tip of my umbrella. Viserys really should be disqualified from any ranking like this based on the first damn episode, and Loras Tyrell, man, I’m not a dude so not his target demographic, but REALLY? He makes the list (along with characters who could charitably be referred to as Guy In The Back In the Crowd Scene Number Four) and the The Old Bear doesn’t?


What about Ser Barristan the Bold?


The Hound?


Benjen Stark?


At least Jory’s on there. Stannis Baratheon doesn’t even make the cut, and he’s played by perhaps the most beautiful human beingon the PLANET. I’ve always had a soft spot for Stannis, on the basis of he’s usually right even if he can never make himself stop being an asshole about it, and when I heard they cast Stephen Dillane I knew all those chickens I sacrified to Ceiling Cat had not been in vain.

(So there’s this show that’s coming back on on Sunday and I’M A LITTLE BIT EXCITED.)


10 thoughts on “Game of Thrones of Hotness

  1. Hahahaha. Eeeew. I can’t believe Rob Stark is #1. He’s so Edward Cullen. And Jamie Lannister is just as gross as Viserys for groping his own sister. I’ll take that sexy caveman Khal Drogo and have him doing the dishes in no time!

  2. I just started watching GoT last night. Not re-watching, watching.
    (Well, I watched the first episode and part of the second the first time around but fell behind and always meant to get caught up.)
    I might be able to finish up by the time S2 starts.

  3. (well since Sean Bean’s character has had his head snicked off…) Iain Glen is teh yummeh. Granted, I remember him from the Helen Mirren feature “The Painted Lady” as Sebastian.
    Can’t they get Stephen Dillane cast in there somewhere…? His performance in “The Rector’s Wife”…oh sweet yummy Brit-ness! 🙂 (not to mention many other roles…)

  4. ok. i have no idea of character names really, but you do not mention the continued hotness of charles dance? i rather like that brother dude. oy, lots of older hotness. give the pupies time.

  5. Given how important the physical characteristics of the various families are in the plot I am surprised that they do not seem to have bothered much with them in the film. A little hair dye could have gone a long way to helping the viewer sort things out.
    I have not seen the film, only read the books, so I suppose it must not matter that much to the story they are telling in the film.

  6. as an older and somewhat scruffy guy, i could do with a little helen mirren, if you know what i mean.
    but i agree w/ scoopernicus… i’m looking forward to the monday morning wrap-ups almost as much as i am the sunday nite shows!

  7. Elspeth, this commenter is your spirit animal I think.
    If you haven’t seen The Greatest Game Ever Played, go get it now. It’s a fucking golf movie, and I would actually rather watch trash get compacted than watch golf, but he’s so lovely in it.

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