2012 First Presidential Debate Crack Van

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Update: Van closed. Thanks to the 50-some people who showed up tonight to witness Jim Lehrer get stomped like a pimp at a biker rally by Mitt Romney all night long. I have never seen someone lose control of an interview (and basically this was set up to be a joint interview, not a debate) so fast. Ten minutes in Romney was just talking over him, and Lehrer was reduced to stuttering along with “would you like to respond to that?” being his only substantive question.

Based on exactly ten seconds of post-debate coverage viewing I think the line of the night goes to Al Sharpton, who said, “Romney’s problem is that this debate is taking place in 2012, not 1812.” That’s the entire Republican party’s problem anyway, really. If this really was 1812 they wouldn’t have this inconvenience of having to pretend their platform is really about freedom or enterprise or enterprising freedom. If this really was 1812 they could just swagger out on stage and yell the N-word and burn a Union Jack and all would be well. It’s got to be so hard on them now.


7 thoughts on “2012 First Presidential Debate Crack Van

  1. Thanks for the Van. Only way I could keep my sanity.
    As technical feedback, either the folks in the Van are psychics and able to comment on and quote what is said before it happens, or the CNN feed I was watching is about 1/2 to 1 minute behind.
    Used the experimental flash version of the van and it was stable and without glitches.
    After the debate, I really wanted to listen to CNN’s **SCIENTIFIC** poll of the results, but I couldn’t stomach them analyzing the twitter universe and how the repubs were more positive (Well the repubs are enthusiastic for a block of moldy cheese if it is theirs. Just look at St. Pallin. Or currently here in MO where they are still enthusiastic and acting like a high school pep rally for T. “Legitimate Rape” Akin.
    Like others in the van, I hate that this really wasn’t a debate. But hasn’t the trend of 1/2 century been moving increasingly away from a real debate?

  2. Obama won by not losing, despite the punditocracy (even the librul folks at MSNBC). Sorry I missed the van, but had to cook food tonight…Romney looked like Eddie Haskell, or Joe Isuzu. Fact Free Mittzone.
    Forget about the spin doctors. They’re desperate to keep their sinecures. The public has already mostly made up their minds, so little either candidate does will change things. Mitt’s spinners, and the Chris Matthews of the world will play their games, but this won’t change things.

  3. Mittens made Obama look like a pussy who follows the rules and shit. No True Murkin wants that. “I’m bigger than you, Jim Lehrer! Watch out old man, or I’ll talk right over you!”
    I don’t know who won, but I know Lehrer lost.
    Thanks for the van, A. Nice driving, even if you did check out to get moar wine. 😉

  4. Though I should add, several riders in the Van were absolutely right that Mittens is going to have to take back a hell of a lot of what he said tonight or he’s going to have an open revolt on his hands. No tax cuts for the wealthy? Regulation of the free market is a good thing? That’s not going to make the base happy.

  5. Aaaargh, I was also disappointed that Obama let a lot of good opportunities to get a barb in, appeared to avoid that at all costs. I admit that barbs are tricky – if not delivered just right they make the person giving them look bad.
    And couldn’t agree more on Mitt being all over the place. In a single sentence he was going to lower taxes, raise taxes, and keep taxes the same.

  6. In retrospect…(and after the Amaretto haze wore off) I think Obama was extremely polite…in kindly handing mittens plenty of rope with which to hang himself with in the next Presidential Debate.
    Personally, I think Ruby Rhod (from “5th Element”) should be the moderator…”ZZZZZZZZzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!” No WAY would mittens be able to go over his time…Ruby would bash him over the head w/his microphone!

  7. Yea, thanks for the van folks! I’m much more calm this morning. I wanted Obama to kill that mendacious prick, so yea, I was a bit disappointed. But upon calmer reflection, the Pres. did pretty ok. And Mitt was certainly hopped up on the chocolate milk or something. And it changed not one vote. And it gave Team Obama some great new soundbites for some smashing new ads.

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