No longer America’s oldest teenager


The old line about Dick Clark got trotted out again after hisdeath was announced. I had my own variation on it: the teflon teenager. Clark was up to his neck in the payola scandal in the Fifties but skated whileAlan Freedtook the fall. Freed died a wrecked man at the age of 43 whereas Clark died a rich mogul at the age of 82: better to skate than be a scapegoat. Hmm, sounds like a hit to me but I somehow doubt one could dance to it…

Here’s a cringeworthy exchange between Clark and Talking Heads:

One thought on “No longer America’s oldest teenager

  1. my favorite DC moment was when he asked Lenny White of Return to Forever, “How much would a drum kit like this cost?” Lenny looked confused and said, “I get these for free.”

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