Third Eye Blind


OK, a little creative license with the picture — it’s not fish with three eyes, no, the fish are either deformed or covered with lesions, as are shellfish.The shrimp have no eyes. No eye sockets either.

Also too, like First Drafter Southern Beale, I’ve been wondering what the hell the orange slime is. Of course, the authorities are saying no problem because it’s been tested, whatever that means.

Meanwhile, the rest of the media has gone to the dogs.Literally. (Link includes audio.)

3 thoughts on “Third Eye Blind

  1. Our boy genius Bobby Jindal ought to serve his kids a heaping helping of eye-less shrimp and blue crabs with deformed shells. Maybe invite Mary Landrieu and Diaper Dave Vitter for the seafood feast!

  2. I’ve been saying ever since the spill that the conservative/Republican dickholes who were so goddamned sure that the spill wasn’t going to affect sea life in the Gulf should have been forced to attend a big ol’ seafood buffet with locally-grown cuisine. Just to shut up we fear-mongering liberals.
    (Who, y’know, were right. AGAIN.)

  3. I am so glad to see you bring this up.
    As the BP oil spill didn’t immediately destroy all life in the Gulf, the news media lost interest and I’d guess that most folks decided that it didn’t cause any problems. And I’m talking about reasonable people and not the windbags on talk radio.
    In the meantime, the deep water plume continued to circle back on itself. The estuaries (which serve as a home for part of the life cycle for the vast majority of both marine life and also support life as diverse as birds, mammals, etc Not to mention the possibility of spread by migratory birds) could be made relatively clean, but the dense web which makes the estuaries filter the aquatic environment and protects marine life also makes it impossible to remove all of the crude. Not to mention the effect of chemical treatments which made the pollution “disappear” by making it sink where it remains a continuing source of pollution. While the surface of beaches may have been cleaned, below the surface the crude remains and also remains a continuing source of leaching pollution back into the Gulf.
    Multiyear studies have shown and continue to show environmental damage and continuing contamination.
    Additionally, if you buy seafood in the store or restaurant, there is no reason for them to disclose where the seafood came from. The packaging generally lacks that information (even before the BP disaster as a lot of shrimp was farmed in China which is known for using novel additives).

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