Malaka Of The Week: Allen West

Tea Party favorite Allen West was one of the looniest members of the GOP’s class of 2010. And that’s saying something. He’s even mega wingnutty by the standards of Florida politics. And that’s saying something. The other day he said something stupidly inflammatory even by his own standards. And that’s why he’s this week’s poster boy for malakatude,

I’m not going into chapter and verse about his past rants, if you want toread his greatest hits, click here.His latest expedition to Bizzarro World started last week went he trotted out his inner Joe McCarthy and claimed that there wereup to 80 Communists in the House of Representatives. Holy Cold War nostalgia, Batman.

West went on CNN last night and continued his retro red baiting:

Florida Rep. Allen West refused to name which of his fellow representatives were communists when pressed on the issue by CNN’s Soledad O’Brien on Thursday morning. O’Brien was following up oncomments West made last week when he insisted 78 to 81 members of Congress are communists, specifically singling out the Congressional Progressive Caucus. West has since doubled down on that assertion.

“Communist, progressive, Marxist, socialist, statist … I’m looking at the ideologies,” West told to O’Brien. “I’m looking at the things they believe in and if you don’t think that we have to stand upon truth and be able to identify and clearly contrast the different principles and values and ideologies … here in this country then we’re never going to get to the fact of accepting the true debate that is happening in America. We don’t need a bureaucratic nanny state. We need to stay a constitutional republic.”

Say what? It’s all incoherent gobbledygook punctuated by boilerplate wingnut sound bites. I don’t think West has a clue what a communist or even a so-called constitutional republic is. Communist countries have been very fond of calling themselves republics and most of them even had constitutions. Not that West would know anything about that, he’s ignorant and proud of it like so many teanuts.

One of the funniest moments of this campaign was when Sarah Palin said that West would be a fine running mate. Stupid endorsing stupid. I guess the logic is that “Obama’s a black dude so we need one of our own.” It would help, however, if the man were not batshit crazy. I guess Palin sees herself as the one who will pick up the pieces if the Goopers lose in the fall or that she wants Romney to have an even weirder and less qualified running mate than her. I gave up trying to decipher Palin speak a long time ago. It’s also hard to read the mind of someone who’s mindless…

It’s hard to figure out whether Allen West is either so 2010 or so 1950, which was the year that Tailgunner Joe shot off his mouth in Wheeling, WV and claimed that the State Department was chock-full-o-commies. The difference is that McCarthy’s accusations were made cynically and fueled by whiskey. West may actually believe the shit he says and that sort of delusional douchebaggery is why he’s malaka of the week.

7 thoughts on “Malaka Of The Week: Allen West

  1. he’s ignorant and proud of it like so many teanuts.
    Yeah, exactly. The pride so many wingers take in being stupid is what really makes me grind my teeth.

  2. “…she wants Romney to have an even weirder and less qualified running mate than her.”
    West has a masters in political science from Kansas State and has served in the military; amazingly, even he is more qualified than Sarah.

  3. He’s backpedalling. His original statement wasn’t that the members of the Progressive Caucus were more or less the same thing as communists. He originally said that he’d heard they were members of the Communist Party, which is another thing entirely, though still perfectly legal.

  4. Palin / West 2012. Please. Please. Please.
    What gets me is that like any good conspiracy theorist, he made a statement that sounds like an exact count but then refused to show the list. Kind of like Boehner’s blank budget.
    And as there is a big question on how Palin got vetted – and apparently along the lines that as the Dems had Hilary Clinton the repubs needed a female too, your possibility that the dems have a black person in the WH so we have to too – could well be the case.
    Plus the wingnut talking points have surely alienated a couple of minority voters. And imagine what getting a solid support from voters of Mexican heritage could do in delivering some of the bigger states. Then imagine what could be done as a voting bloc of people from ALL Hispanic backgrounds.

  5. “West has a masters in political science from Kansas State and has served in the military.”
    Umm, sorry, but youlose IQ points in the military. It’s a job requirement.
    As for a masters in political science, the world is full of C students. We’ve had eight years of a couple of them running the country. When it comes to knowing his history, West seems to have gotten most of it from dog-eared pamphlets postmarked “Searcy, Arkansas” well before the invention of zip codes.
    Don’t let him bamboozle you because he’s a Congress critter. So was Sonny Bono.

  6. Montag, you seem to be missing the point.
    Sonny Bono is/was in the bottom (let’s say) 50 people in the world when ranking ‘ability to be president’; Allen West may well in the bottom ten.
    But the absolute least qualified, Sarah Palin, was *actually* nominated by the Republicans.
    I still find this fact utterly astounding.

  7. “But the absolute least qualified, Sarah Palin, was *actually* nominated by the Republicans.”
    You and I know that now, but shewas the governor of one of, as the Constitution says, “the several states,” and that status came along with her to the convention (and she had a college degree, too). Governors–especially to the wingnutz–have always been viewed as more suitable Presidential material because of that stature (how else to explain *shudder* Mike Huckabee).
    West is, first, a newbie to Congress, and second, a member of the House. The last sitting member of the House to be elected VP was John Nance Garner in 1932 (and in 1932 FDR probably still could have won if he’d picked an imprisoned John Dillinger as his running mate).
    Now that the country knows that Palin is a mental midgetand a whack job, an endorsement from her of West is like watching him peer into the Ark of the Covenant. He’s a goner, nationally.
    So, no, by no stretch of the imagination–even the fevered imaginations of the most ardent Mad Hatters of the Tea Party–is West going to be the VP nominee. If all the stars in the universe align and every other possibility winds up dead or in jail, and the Rmoneybot picks him, it’s a guaranteed loss for the Rmoneybot, and everyone knows it–including the Rmoneybot.
    If West had a snowball’s chance in hell of the nomination, he’s already blown it with the McCarthy impersonation. I can envision Rmoney’s people mentally constructing the ads Dems would use against them after that. Like I said, he’s bone stoopid. If he had any chance at all, he’s already tortured it to death. Character is fate.

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