Proving Yourself: Game of Thrones Thread


Spoilers inside.

Quick takes: Catelyn is my copilot. Then again, anybody who pulls a weapon of any kind on Littlefinger is my copilot. God, I hate that creepy fuck and we have hours and hours and hours with him coming. Joffrey was pretty fucking creepy in the books but the show’s managing to make him worse, to the point where I’m not sure I’ll be able to watch the actor in other things. Shudder. When everyone who deserves it is thrown into a pit of the Tickler’s rats, I hope Ser Meryn ends up at the bottom.

There it was, one of my favorite scenes in all of the book canon, Sandor Clegane covering Sansa with his Kingsguard cloak. It was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, but the look on his face when she was being beaten was just brutal.

In a fight, I’d take Margaery and Sansa over just about anybody else. First of all, you just know Margaery’s a biter. Second, the truest measure of someone’s strength is not how hard they can punch but how many times they can get back up after taking a hit, and Sansa, as Tyrion himself noticed, seems pathologically unable to know when she’s beaten. I dig that about her.

So I love Liam Cunningham in everything he’s in anyway, but his Davos Seaworth is just moving into my soul and setting up house. Davos in the books to me always came across a bit of a fool, a bit naive, taken in by Stannis and blinded to his faults. Davos now, Davos today, Davos on the ship with Stannis and in the boat with Melisandre, isn’t deceived or foolish.

He’s decent and upright and strong, and he’s convinced that his loyalty to Stannis, his own goodness, will make harsh, uncompromising, unhappy Stannis into the man Davos thinks he is. Stannis and his red woman talk a great deal about faith, but it’s Davos who brings that to life, who shows us the substance of things hoped for.

There are all these ways of proving yourself to somebody, of proving them and yourself worthy of that kind of faith. The Quartheen stand outside the city walls and demand to see the dragons, and Dany hears what they’re really saying, which isn’t about the dragons at all. The Qartheen don’t want the dragons, they want the power, and that isn’t about the dragons at all. That’s about Dany’s control of them, which only Xaro Xhoan Daxos understands. He vouches for her because she passed the secret test, answered the question he wasn’t asking.


5 thoughts on “Proving Yourself: Game of Thrones Thread

  1. “Sansa Stark, you just may survive this after all.”
    and it occurred to me last week that the sex scene between stannis and melisandre a few weeks ago was put in as a set-up for the scene in the cave last night.

  2. The relationship between Stannis and Melisandre could be a whole SERIES of posts. I mean god almighty, how strange are they, but rigid upright people like Stannis are nearly always secret freaks. What I have a hard time understanding is her endgame. She could have had her choice of potential kings (and queens) and she chooses Stannis? It’s … odd, and whether I understand it depends on how much of her Lord of Light bullshit I buy on any given day.
    I tend to have a hard time with the parts of the story that are about magic, about the skinchangers and Faceless Men and Melisandre’s evil vampire baby thing, because I don’t really believe in literal miracles here, like weeping statues and shit. But there are things that happen that we can’t explain, and magic is as good an explanation as any of them, I suppose.

  3. “Melisandre’s evil vampire baby thing”
    Everyone in our living room cringed when it was born.
    Good job on the animation.

  4. I always dug Davos, and his on screen persona only makes me dig him more. Totally with you about his projection onto Stannis. Who is just as priggish as I imagined him from the books.

  5. Hey guys, late to the posts this week. Interesting ecchange between Lord Tywin and Arria that wasn’t in the books, but when you have a Magnificent Bastard like Charles Dance in your cast you want to show him off.

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