Still Artesty

I’m inclined to call people what they want to be called: hearing folks call Ali, Cassius Clay, made me wince. I was down with Keith Wilkes becoming Jamal and even Lloyd Free morphing intoWorld B Free. I have, however, struggled with calling the irascible and cranky Ron Artest, Metta World Peace. Yeah, I know it’s part PR stunt and part emotional palate cleanser but it bugs me.He’s been on fairlly good behavior since joining the Lakers but had a relapse of nastiness the other night:

He’s said he’s sorry and I believe it. He’s also claiming that it was purely accidental, which I don’t believe. An accidental glancing blow I could buy but not a concussion causing forearm worthy of Fred (The Hammer) Williamson in his AFL days. Hmm, I wonder if his Artestiness has a future as a blaxploitation star? He might, if they ever revive the genre, and bring back the glories of such turkeys as Black Caesar

I’m sure some of you disagree with this and would counter thusly: “All we are saying is give metta world peace a chance.”

I wonder what Yoko Ono thinks of all this? I’d be afraid to ask because she might start “singing”Don’t Worry Kyoko at me, which would worry the bejesus out of me…

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  1. I’m easily amused, but I have really enjoyed all the “NBA Suspends World Peace for Seven Games” headlines.

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