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The post seasonannus horriblus continues for the New Orleans Saints. This time it’s an accusation that GM Mickey Loomis is into wiretapping, bugging and eavesdropping according to ESPN and its one, count ’em one, anonymous source. This accusation looks a mite thin to me and theguy who has done all the sound work at the Dome for eons doesn’t buy it.

The feebs and state po po are looking into this accusation, why I don’t know. This allegedly happened between 2002 and 2004 and the statute of limitations has run so there’s no chance of criminal prosecution. In short, this is bullshit, horseshit and just plain old shit.

There’s a positive side to this crapola: it will increase the “us against the world” attitude that’s been growing within the Saints and their fan base. I was a Raiders fan back in the Madden-Stabler glory days and that was the attitude that made that team both memorable and successful. It’s time for the Saints to circle the wagons and take no prisoners, metaphorically speaking, that is. Good thing the Commish isn’t listening to me or he might suspend me from something or other…

3 thoughts on “Listen to me

  1. If Statute of Limitations has already run out, as you pointed out, why would the police get involved unless they are hoping that investigating it will turn over some evidence that happened more recently?
    Speaking from the radio side, I don’t follow football and never taken a scanner to a game. From brief glances on TV, the radio equipment doesn’t look like anything special. They obviously have to take their equipment all over the country. So they either have to be operating at a frequency licensed for the entire country (which I haven’t see evidence of,) a low poweror both (like the headsets at the fast food restaurants). As they are using short distances, I’m guessing VHF, UHF or above and FM – in short it seems like it should be easy to listen in. And if it is easy, folks are gonna do it.
    Could possibly scramble the signal. Could use techniques to avoid surveillance such as frequency hopping or spread spectrum. They’d just have to be willing to spend some extra cash. OTOH, they could go like NASCAR and figure out that listening to the communications is fun – and rent out scanners pre-programmed for the event.
    BTW – disclaimer – under US law it is illegal to use the content of intercepted communications for personal gain.

  2. And now, Goodell won’t name those players to be sanctioned until AFTER the draft…WTF jackhole.

  3. Occurs to me that the notion that the Saints are overdue is not one I hold alone …
    WTF is the NFL trying to do, destroy their fan base in N’awlins?

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